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Your Resistance just Makes My prick Harder is a Failsub commonly associated with a screenshot the the half-human-half-horse character Stallion native the adult 1999 anime collection Words Worth. photo macro combining the two showed up online as early on as 2004 on YTMND, becoming popularized top top the 4chan board /b/ and also /a/ in the years following, and also appearing in and inspiring more image macros.


Between respectable 1999 and also November 2000, a five-part hentai one-of-a-kind titled Words Worth,<1> based upon the RPG the the very same name, was released in Japan. Top top June 11th, 2004, YTMND<2> user scottv007 posted a webpage consisting of an image macro showing the character Stallion<3> indigenous the series, a "lecherous half-horse, half-human officer" who frequently kidnaps and also rapes women, obtaining excited once they struggle, end a horse sound result with message reading, "Your Resistance just Makes My prick Harder" (shown below). The site got over 4,700 see in 17 years and is the earliest well-known use of the image macro.


The photo macro quickly spread to imageboards, particularly 4chan boards /b/ (random) and also /a/ (anime). The Lurk More<4> web page for "Your resistance only makes my cock harder!" says of the meme"s beginnings on 4chan:

Part that the humour around the image is that equines (particularly equine cock) is a fairly touchy topic with numerous Anonymous, particularly in the non-worksafe boards choose /b/ and /gif/ where it is regarded with hatred and horror. Naturally, it ended up being funny to spam the image roughly just to uncomfortable people, though it"s likewise funny due to the fact that horse rape is simply too weird. Countless Anonymous now think the Stallion whenever lock see horses in anime, and also cries of "RESISTANCE!" room not uncommon once one happens to appear.


The sentence took off together a catchphrase online over the food of the next decade, frequently attached to images of steeds or other personalities striking similar expressions to Stallion (examples shown below, left and right).<5><6>


On July 29th, 2011,<9> user Anotubus post a redrawn variation of the picture depiction Stallion together a My small Pony: Friendship Is Magic personality (shown below). That is unknown who created this image.

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On July 20th, 2016, DeviantArt<7> user MinekoLucky post a redrawn version of the screenshot featuring Stallion as Mudsdale indigenous Pokemon. The day, the catchphrase was added to the in a draw thread on /vp/ and also uploaded to recognize Your Meme<8> (shown below).