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This post offers the approaches for you to fix the error message that occurs as soon as you open records by making use of Net Explorer in Windows 7.

Initial product version: Net Explorer, Windows 7Original KB number: 2588679


When you attempt to open up a paper by making use of Net Explorer in Windows 7, you receive the adhering to error message:



This concern might occur bereason the complying with conditions are true:

The file type that you are trying to open is considered unsafe.The Launching applications and also unsafe file defense setting is collection to Disable for the zone that is connected through wbelow the file originated.

Resolution Method 1: Recollection Net Explorer protection zone settings to their default level

To reset Web Explorer defense zone settings to their default level, follow these steps:

Start Internet Explorer.Click Tool, and also then click Web options.Click the Security tab.Click Reset all zones to default level, and also then click OK.

Resolution Method 2: Reset Net Explorer settings


The steps in this post might not fully deal with the issue. For example, if the existing Web Explorer settings are being imposed by a Group Policy object (GPO), these procedures may not solve the issue. If you want even more assistance in reresolving the trouble that is described in this short article, contact Customer Support.

More information

When documents are downloaded to a neighborhood computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or a later variation, a protection zone identifier is stored in addition to the file properties. This identifier corresponds to the Internet Explorer defense zone for wbelow the file was derived.

When a downloaded file is identified as an unsafe file kind, the Launching applications and unsafe file alternative for the equivalent security zone is queried for one of 3 options: Enable, Prompt, or Disable. The dialog that is discussed in the Symptoms area will be shown once the Launching applications and unsafe file option is collection to Disabled.

For more information about unsafe file types, see:

For more information around the process that is provided to use zone identifiers to records, see Information around the Attachment Manager in Windows.

For more information about the Net Explorer protection zones, see Net Explorer defense areas registry entries for advanced individuals.

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