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Ain't nothin' favor that an excellent ole' liquor, niggaAhhhh, hahaYo, Pvnch what up, man?If girlfriend ain't gained no haters, you ain't poppin'If girlfriend ain't obtained no paper, you ain't poppinI gained that now, I obtained that later, what girlfriend coppin?I got that loud, I got that stink, I obtained that rottenI finesse, ns collect, ns depositThats probably why your bitch is in mine commentsI say, \"Come and also get this dick,\" she say, \"Where? Nigga, stop it\"I said, \"I got that eight-inch in the closet!\"Yeah, castle hatin', but they watchin'Fuck being in mine bag, I'm in my walletMad hoes, mad hoes I recognize I be thottin'I acquire pussy from mine looks, you gain pussy from girlfriend pocketsI don't treatment if she foreign, ns don't care if she exoticI favor women from the hood, that'll pop it if they dick itWhen us driven and we hear the \"Woop woop!\" yeah, castle sirensShe don't run, she be the one to take the work and she hide itAnd currently they feather looking lock won't find itAnd now her pussy smell choose that exoticY'all have the right to have that foreign from the islandAin't nothing like a under bitch indigenous the projects
If friend ain't Red Lyfe, girlfriend ain't poppin'And if the head ain't right, she ain't ridin'You ain't heard Young M.A., the trendin' topicWe fuckin' up some commas, you simply commonLike a skateboard ~ above the rail, we just grindin'To it is in honest, I just do it, i don't promiseIgnore the haters they simply want to get acknowledgedMy account, complement the numbers on my mileageIf they ain't talkin' what we talkin' us ain't signin'Nope, nope, no john Hancockin'On my means to the top, progressively comin'Had come kick down the door, lock ain't hear as soon as i to be knockin'Now im wildin'On any kind of track I obtain on, ns demolishCuz, lab is all i know, I stated fuck goin' come collegeI already got the knowledgeOn what I'm trynna accomplishNobody's in my alignmentYoung M.A., Brooklyn's FinestYou wearin' foreigns through no car, you ain't poppinIf girlfriend don't understand who we are, girlfriend ain't poppin'You poppin' other niggas bottles, girlfriend ain't poppinShawty girlfriend ain't trynna swallow you ain't poppin'

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If friend ain't reppin' Brooklyn, friend ain't poppin'If girlfriend ain't reppin' Brooklyn, you ain't poppin'If friend ain't reppin' Brooklyn, girlfriend ain't poppin' niggaIf you ain't reppin' Brooklyn, girlfriend ain't poppin' niggaShout out to Pvnch, you reppin' Brooklyn cuz friend poppin niggaCuz we only reppin' Brooklyn, cuz we poppin' nigga (Huh?)Brooklyn we poppin' niggaIt's BK, and also we poppin' niggaWe reppin Brooklyn, cuz we poppin' nigga (Huh?)We reppin Brooklyn, cuz us poppin niggaIt's Brooklyn