de come arrange the blue tiles in a hexagonal form as shown. If the next of each tile procedures 4 centimeters, what will certainly be the specific area of each hexagonal shape?Question 17 options:12 cm2192 cm224cm2323√cm


Now, the blue tiles are simply equilateral triangles, girlfriend grab 6 the them, and also slap them approximately like a hexagon, we recognize each side is 4, if us sit one top top the ground the basic of one is simply 4 then, what is its elevation or altitude anyway?

The Vista Marina rents boats for 25$ every hour. In addition to the rental fee, there is a 12$ charge for fuel. Is the variety of h

No, the full numbers of hours you can rent the watercraft is not proportional to the complete cost.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Proportional method when 2 or much more pairs of numbers room at a usual ratio. This way when you divide the numbers that correspond to each various other from every pair, the quotient is the same.

Ex: (1,2) and also (4,8) room proportional.

1 corresponds with 4. 1/4 = 0.25

2 coincides with 8. 2/8 = 0.25 same quotients, usual ratio is 0.25.

Solving the problem:

Fill in the table making use of random hours, then check if the pairs room proportional.

According to the problem, you pay $25/h and there is likewise a level fee of $12 (money you will pay regardless of rental time). This method the money you pay is : ($25 X Rental Time) + $12

Choose 3 random numbers because that "Rental Time". Usage the equation because that each rental time to discover the "Cost ($)".

When Rental Time (h) = 1:

($25 X Rental Time) + $12

= ($25 X 1h) + $12

= $37

When Rental Time (h) = 2:

($25 X Rental Time) + $12

= ($25 X 2h) + $12

= $62

When Rental Time (h) = 3:

($25 X Rental Time) + $12

= ($25 X 3h) + $12

= $87

Fill in the table:

Rental Time (h) 1 2 3

Cost ($) 37 62 87

The pairs space (1, 37), (2, 62) and (3, 87).

Choose two and also check if they space proportionate.

1 synchronizes with 2. 1/2 = 0.5

37 coincides with 62. 37/62 = 0.59677.... Different quotient. Over there is no typical ratio.

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Since there is no common ratio, the number of hours yo have the right to rent the boat is not proportional come the total cost.