Chants and screams could be heard native backstage together fans waited for your favorite artists to hit the stage at Miami’s Y100 Jingle ball event. V the lineup they had actually this year, no wonder the was offered out.

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The display kicked off v 5 secs of Summer and—as it’s my third time catching these Aussies live—they didn’t disappoint through their energized set and the finest of the ideal of their 2015 songs.

Fan favorites such together Shawn Mendes, fifth Harmony, Nick Jonas, Zedd, Charlie Puth, Hailee Steinfeild, Conrad Sewell, Tove Lo, and also many more, struggle the phase to give South Florida the last biggest party in town for 2015!

Some of my an individual favorites from critical night were R. City, Demi Lovato, and, DNCE. The dynamic brothers duo of R. City blew me away with their recount of just how their fight song, “Locked Away” ft. Adam Levine come about. Sharing through concert goers around when your father was locked away and what he would certainly ask their mother. It offered the song a deeper an interpretation and made it much more personal for listeners. Do the power a MILLION time better! R. City has acquired an extra fan with me, and also I can’t wait come follow your music careers!

Demi Lovato SLAYED the stage, regarding be intended from the queen herself. Unapologetically, not only singing part hits, but additionally songs she want to share with her lovatics. And when she messed increase the intro come a song because of just acquiring rid the a cold, she stopped singing and said, “what the f—k note was that?” sending out the crowd right into bouts that laughter and also showing just exactly how amazing and also normal Demi is, together she isn’t afraid to call herself out.

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As for DNCE, I had actually been waiting on the leaf of my seat for your performance. The Joe Jonas fronted band room making waves this year v their an outbreak hit, Cake by the Ocean, and also I just see success because that this new band. They play the song on their EP titled, Swaay, and also if you haven’t heard it yet, climate you’re failing in ~ life. Hurry up and give the a listen! as for solder Ball, their set was filled v prankster antics, and an power that was so fun and jovial, i can’t wait until they go on tour so ns can record them live again!

Ending the display was The Weeknd—who is performing this weekend in ~ The Fillmore Miami Beach—and he finished Jingle round with a bang! Singing all of our favorites and also rising the temperature of the BB&T center in Ft. Lauderdale simply a few notches.

If you’ve never attended jingle Ball, I imply you start saving now, and also clear her calendar, since this isn’t an occasion you want to miss out on next year!

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