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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us right into the show.

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A video recaps the present that highlights the development of the organization of Nations during the WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship match in which roman inn Reigns had actually to to win Sheamus in 5:15 to come to be the champion. The organization of nations is consisted of of Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev, and also Alberto Del Rio.

The league of nations is was standing in the ring. The stage is decorated with tables, ladders, and chairs. The league of Nations has some really generic music. Sheamus says, “How about that?” The crowd lightly boos him. Sheamus states he can’t express how happy that is. A irradiate “You look stupid” chant division out. Sheamus asks just how he could be stupid standing here with the WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus was trying to figure out every day what he would certainly say around defending his WWE world Heavyweight Championship at WWE TLC this Sunday versus Roman Reigns. The truth is it was a rubbish of time. Every anyone demands to know about him and Reigns is best here: Sheamus points at his shirts that claims “5:15.” That’s all it took because that him come beat Reigns. Sheamus claims that has to be a civilization Record.

Sheamus claims the WWE has gone into into the worldwide Era because they space the league of Nations. Four premier athletes from four of the greatest countries in the world: Bulgaria (Rusev), Mexico (Alberto Del Rio), England (King Barrett), and also Ireland (Sheamus). A “USA” chant division out. Sheamus states they tried to uncover someone indigenous America, however no one might lace their boots. It’s 2015 – America just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sheamus states they’re prominence personified. Critical Monday ~ above RAW, roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and also The Usos (another light “You look stupid” chant breaks out) gained destroyed. Sheamus states there aren’t four men top top the challenge of the earth that can enhance them. The factor is because they’re the finest of the ideal of the finest of the ideal of the best.

The Wyatt Family’s logo flashes on the screen and also the lights go out. When they come earlier on, Bray Wyatt is in the ring through his household standing off against the organization of Nations. The crowd is starting to buzz. Wyatt says, “Pardon the interruption gentlemen, however I nothing think we’ve been properly introduced. My surname is Bray Wyatt, and these space my brothers.” Wyatt states he no care about the other nations. This is his world, and he’s just permitting Sheamus to breathe in it. They want to talk around dominance, but they no come out here to talk. Wyatt says they’re the end there because that the chaos.

The Dudley Boyz’ pyro goes off on the stage, and also they come out with Tommy Dreamer by their side. Bubba beam Dudley claims they’ll see The Wyatts’ chaos and raise them come the extreme. The isn’t a catchphrase… Wyatt cuts him off and also calls the a fool. Wyatt says they room outmanned and outgunned. Wyatt advises them come not get in his way. D-Von Dudley claims Wyatt is wrong around that. Once you’re extreme, you don’t die… you multiply. Rhyno renders his means out come side v The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer. They do their means to the ring with a chair, however Roman Reigns’ music hits. Reigns gets a very light pop together he renders his means to the ring v Dean Ambrose and also The Usos.

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The league of nations vs. The Wyatt household vs. The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and also Rhyno vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos

Charles Robinson will certainly officiate this chaotic match. The a fatal 4-Way Elimination sign Team Match. Dean Ambrose knocks Alberto Del Rio out of the ring and catches him through a plancha. Bubba beam Dudley sends out Luke Harper to the corner and also clotheslines him. D-Von Dudley is tagged in, and also they capture Harper with a double-team flapjack. Harper quickly kicks D-Von, yet Ambrose conveniently takes the out. Del Rio runs in, knocks Harper down, and also hits Ambrose v a Backstabber for a close to fall. Del Rio tag Rusev in, and they capture D-Von through a double-team ago suplex because that a close to fall. Rusev head-butts Ambrose, however Ambrose quickly tags in Jimmy Uso. Jimmy bring away Rusev down with a ideal hand. Bray Wyatt is tagged in, and he clotheslines Jimmy down. Wyatt clubs far at Jimmy together D-Von punches far at Rusev. Rusev sends out D-Von into the corner, yet D-Von comes earlier with a shoulder tackle. Rhyno is tagged in, and also he shoulder block Wyatt and Rusev down. Rhyno then hits Jimmy with a belly-to-belly side suplex. Braun Strowman is tagged in, and he shoulder block Rhyno down. Strowman takes Rusev down and also clubs Jimmy. Strowman picks up Rhyno, but he slides off. Tommy Dreamer is tagged in, and he knocks Strowman end the top rope with the help of Rhyno. Jimmy superkicks Dreamer, however Rusev conveniently floors him through a fall-away slam. Rusev goes to the optimal rope, however Jimmy cuts him off. Jey Uso is tagged in, and also they climb to the 2nd rope. Strowman comes in, and also they perform the Tower of doom spot. Dreamer gets hit through a foot on the method down.

Erick Rowan is tagged in, and also he misses a turn kick. Dreamer catches him through the Dreamer DDT for the pin. The Wyatt family is eliminated.

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We come ago from the rest to view Sheamus tags in Del Rio. Del Rio records Dreamer v a club to the head because that a two count. Jimmy comes in, and also Del Rio sends him shoulder-first into the ring short article before connecting v a step-up enzuigiri because that a close to fall. Sheamus is tagged in, and also he punches far at Sheamus. Dreamer comes ago with a swinging neckbreaker before tagged in Bubba. Bubba punches away at Sheamus before hitting a clothesline. Bubba access time a one-armed slam for a close to fall. A brawl breaks out with the three staying teams until it’s Reigns and also Rhyno in the ring. It’s the Spear vs. The Gore. Rusev operation in and takes Rhyno down. Sheamus attacks Reigns. The Dudley Boyz record Rusev v a 3D before body slamming Sheamus. They walk for the “Wassup?” head-butt, however Del Rio knocks D-Von turn off the top rope. Sheamus then catches Bubba v a Brogue kick to get rid of his team. Team extreme has been eliminated.

It’s Reigns, Ambrose, and also The Usos vs. The organization of nations now. The league of nations gathers in ~ ringside to speak strategy. It’ll it is in Ambrose acquisition on Rusev come start. Ambrose jabs and also chops Rusev a couple of times before Rusev sends out him into the ropes. Ambrose duck a clothesline and catches him v a to run cross-body followed by some wild kicks. Ambrose access time a to run forearm in the corner before connecting through a bulldog. Ambrose the lays the out v a paris elbow drop for a near fall.

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We come ago from the rest to see Sheamus provides Jey the 10 to win of the Bodhrán. Reigns assaults Sheamus indigenous behind. Del Rio is tagged in, and he kicks Jey in the confront for a near fall. Del Rio punches far at Jey before tagging in Rusev. Rusev sends out Jey into the corner before using a be afflicted with hug. Jey head-butts out and also slaps the ears. King Barrett is tagged in, and also he kicks Jey in the spine. Barrett goes because that a running huge boot, yet Jey ducks it. Barrett gets hung up on the optimal rope. Reigns and Del Rio room tagged in. Reigns hits a pair the clotheslines prior to hitting a leaping clothesline. The group is transforming on Reigns. Reigns rolls Del Rio up but then powers him approximately slam him down again. Reigns gives Barrett a Superman Punch before dropping Del Rio top top the apron. Reigns climate takes Del Rio down v a Superman Punch. Reigns duck a shot indigenous Sheamus, and Ambrose clotheslines him over the top rope. Reigns records Sheamus with a Drive-By Dropkick as Ambrose access time Rusev through a self-destruction dive. Del Rio sends Reigns right into the barricade if Jey bring away Rusev out through a running splash. Sheamus grabs Reigns’ leg together he it s okay in the ring. Del Rio superkicks Reigns for a near fall.

Del Rio uses the Cross eight Breaker on Reigns prior to Jey breaks it up through a Superfly Splash. Sheamus is tagged in, and also he mocks Reigns’ taunt before going because that a Brogue Kick. Reigns counters through a Spear for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: roman inn Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and also The UsosMatch Rating: ** 1/2

Charlotte is viewed backstage v her father, Ric Flair. They’ll it is in on Miz TV later on tonight.

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Renee Young stops Sheamus backstage and also asks if tonight’s an outcome could show what will take place on Sunday. Sheamus quotes Vince McMahon’s theme track (“No opportunity in Hell”) and says that’s together close together Reigns will pertained to the title. Sheamus says he’ll damage Reigns top top Sunday. He may just do it in less than 5:15. Renee asks if he’s learned a lesson indigenous this today. Sheamus claims the just lesson is the one hell teach Reigns. He’ll do it later on tonight in the arena in former of the entire world.

Stardust is checked out backstage put on 3D glasses (not regarded The Dudley Boyz). Stardust provides some Star wars references before talking about eviscerating Jack Swagger. Stardust transforms around and sees Titus O’Neil. O’Neil asks what he’s doing. O’Neil claims he demands to get some… Stardust time. Stardust says he won’t rest until the WWE cosmos rests in an ocean of sorrow and also sadness. That doesn’t median he doesn’t have actually a life. O’Neil states he’ll check out him out there.

Dolph Ziggler provides his method to the ring. The commentators talk about how he’ll confront Kevin Owens. Tyler Breeze makes his method to the ring through Summer Rae. They’ll clock the next complement from your VIP area. This enhance is next.

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The 2015 WWE Slammy Awards gift by Coca Cola will take location in 2 weeks.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

They lock up, and also Owens shoves the down. Owens shouts some trash talk prior to catching Ziggler with a front face-lock. Dean Ambrose is seen watching backstage with a barrel that popcorn and a soda. Owens takes Ziggler down and reapplies the prior face-lock. Ziggler uses a hammerlock, yet Owens powers up. Owens shoves Ziggler before putting himself v the ropes. Owens goes to the apron and yells in ~ the referee. Owens applies a next headlock prior to Ziggler whips him off. Owens takes that down v a shoulder block for a two count. Owens applies a chin lock. Breeze is watched drinking indigenous a large glass in ~ ringside. Ziggler fights up and also takes him down for a one count. Ziggler works him over with a side headlock prior to Owens elbow out. Owens applies a waistlock, but Ziggler turns it. Owens elbow him in the head and also viciously chops the chest. Owens clubs Ziggler in the face, yet Ziggler comes back and goes because that a spike DDT, yet Owens pushes him off. Ziggler kicks him and also dropkicks him down. Ziggler avalanches the in the corner and goes for a superkick, yet Owens goes come the apron and snaps him turn off the peak rope. Ziggler strikes him at ringside, but Owens takes that out through a fall-away slam right into the barricade. Owens rolfes him into the ring because that a close to fall. Owens do the efforts again for the exact same result. Owens make the efforts a third time, but only it s okay a one count.

Owens punches and also stomp him prior to taunting the crowd. Owens punches Ziggler earlier a couple of times. Ziggler appears to be the end on his feet. Ziggler climate snaps back with some punches prior to Owens takes the out v a earlier elbow. The group is proper responding to this enhance unless they have the group microphones turned all the way down. Owens human body slams him and also goes because that a senton splash, yet Ziggler rolls out of the way. Ziggler punches far at Owens to no reaction. Owens sidesteps and also avalanche and sends the shoulder-first right into the ring post. Ziggler drops to the ringside area clutching his shoulder. The referee is counting Ziggler out, but Ziggler it s okay in in ~ nine. Owens instantly flattens him v a running senton splash for a close to fall. Ziggler rolls out of the ring come recover.

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We come ago from the break to see Ziggler trapped in a chin lock. Ziggler elbows out until Owens takes the down through a short-arm clothesline for a near fall. Owens then applies a chin lock. Ziggler gets out with a jawbreaker. Ziggler elbow Owens in the face prior to sidestepping him. Owens access time the ring post shoulder-first. Ziggler climate takes the out with a paris clothesline. Ziggler avalanches that in the corner and also hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler fall an elbow for a close to fall. Ziggler goes because that a spike DDT, yet Owens flapjacks him the end of the ring. Owens is wait for the referee to counting him out, yet he gets the end of the ring to attack. Ziggler then provides him a spike DDT on the floor!

Ziggler it s okay Owens in the ring for a near fall. Ziggler misses a famouser, and Owens floors him with a relax German Suplex. Owens goes because that a cannonball, but Ziggler sidesteps him. Ziggler records him with a famouser because that a near fall. Owens hangs top top the ropes to respond to a Zig-Zag. Owens blocks a superkick and hits among his own. Ziggler bounces off the ropes and also gives that a superkick and falls on him for a close to fall. These guys are functioning so hard, yet the crowd no responding in ~ all. It can not be because they’ve been marginalized forever? Ziggler do the efforts to get him come his feet, however Owens is out. Owens then breaks up and also pushes him off for a Pop-up Powerbomb and the win.

Winner through Pinfall: Kevin OwensMatch Rating: **

Dean Ambrose renders his way to the ring through his bath tub of popcorn and also a soda. Ambrose it s okay on the apron and nonchalantly it s okay in the ring. Owens trash speak him, for this reason Ambrose litter the popcorn and soda in his face. Owens stumbles approximately as Ambrose slowly walks out on him with his ago turned. Ambrose doesn’t also look in ~ him together he walks off. Owens just stands there and also takes it.

The Wyatt Family video clip flashes, and we watch Bray Wyatt backstage with his family. Wyatt claims it comes down to four. They should decide your fate. Braun Strowman says he has actually a dream the he’ll end up being Tommy Dreamer’s nightmare. Strowman says he’ll squeeze out him till he breathes his critical breath, therefore in significance he’ll killing him top top television. Wyatt speak Strowman to present Dreamer why he’s extreme.

Team B.A.D. Renders their method to the ring. Sasha Banks and Naomi will be in activity against Alicia Fox and Brie Bella, next.

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Neville is acquiring ready backstage once The Miz to walk in. The Miz claims he was serious around what he claimed on Smackdown. With the proper build, he can take Neville native “Elf top top a Shelf” to Daniel Bryan. Miz is climate joined by Donny indigenous the USA Network show. Donny says his present airs after RAW, and he’ll obtain Neville ~ above the present soon. Miz says his show is the ideal on the USA Network. Donny states he’ll execute something through Miz and also Neville. For Miz, 5 years down the line. For Neville, he desires him ~ above his present immediately.

Team B.A.D. Is displayed in a pre-taped promo. Castle talk around unity and shout it favor Dave Chappelle did once impersonating stack James… in 2004.

Sasha Banks and Naomi w/ Tamina vs. Brie Bella and also Alicia Fox

Sasha financial institutions will start against Alicia Fox. Sasha shoves her, and Alicia slams she down. Alicia captures her v a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker because that a near fall. Naomi is tagged in, and also Alicia shoves her. Naomi hits a shoulder block and also hits the ropes, yet Alicia records her through a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Brie and Alicia hit Team B.A.D. Out of the ring. Tamina traction Alicia down by the hair, and also Naomi capitalizes. Sasha is tagged in, and also she stomps Alicia down. Naomi tag in, and she dropkicks Alicia for a 2 count. Naomi applies a chin lock, but Alicia fights up. Naomi knees she in the midsection before tagging Sasha in. Sasha takes her under before applying a chin lock. Alicia fights up, but Sasha clotheslines she down. Alicia comes earlier with a roll-up for a one count. Sasha conveniently knocks Brie turn off the apron, but Alicia easily takes her out. Naomi tag in, but Alicia kicks she away.

Brie tag in, and she hits some flying clotheslines prior to hitting a bulldog. The group boos her until she go the Daniel Bryan kicks to the chest. Brie hits a running knee to the confront for a two count. Sasha bring away Brie’s foot, and also Naomi takes she out with the Rearview because that the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Sasha Banks and NaomiMatch Rating: 3/4 *

The brand-new Day’s music hits, and they come out v unicorn horns on your heads to walk face-to-face with Team B.A.D. Lock then provide Team B.A.D. Unicorn horns, and also they happily placed them on. They every dance in the ring while Xavier Woods dram trombone.

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The Usos will be top top commentary because that the next match.

Big E says The brand-new Day are not selfish. They’re the most generous superstar in WWE. Xavier Woods says they just gave a generosity donation come the organization of Nations. They additionally sent Kim and Kanye numerous baby surname (like booty West) because that free. Kofi Kingston no think location shots have to be given out all willy-nilly. Woods is dislike they have actually to safeguard their WWE sign Team Championships in a triple hazard ladder match versus The Usos and also The Lucha Dragons. They’re not firemen or painters. They then pantomime The brand-new Day rescuing a kitten native a tree. Kingston was on large E’s earlier playing the duty of a kitten. They claim they will certainly ascend the ladder that success and also retain their titles because new Day Rocks.

The Lucha Dragons do their means to the ring because that the next match.

Big E and Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs. The Lucha Dragons

Sin Cara chops Kofi Kingston before sending him right into the ropes. Kingston tags in large E, and Cara dropkicks him off the apron. Kingston strikes Cara, but Cara duck a clothesline and goes because that a suicide dive on large E, but big E gives him a belly-to-belly overhead suplex ~ above the floor.

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We come earlier from the break to view Kingston and Kalisto tagged in. Kalisto takes him down and kicks away at him before hitting a springboard corkscrew elbow. Large E distracts Kalisto before Kingston knocks him end the optimal rope. Big E tag in and drives him right into the barricade. Big E gyrates together Woods dram the trombone. The brand-new Day fires increase the unicorn stampede of fast tags and quick kicks. Kingston is whipped into Kalisto v a dropkick. Kingston and also Kalisto perform a clunky hurricanrana spot that gets huge E and also Cara tagged in.

Cara takes large E out v a senton bomb. Kingston blind tags in. Cara doesn’t see it and also pins large E. Woods blows the trombone in The Usos face, and also they assault him. In the ring, Cara roll Kingston up because that the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Lucha DragonsMatch Rating: *

The new Day often tends to Woods in the ring, that is hysterically crying. The Usos go off v the trombone and Woods’ unicorn horn.

Replays are presented of Reigns pinning Sheamus earlier in the night. Renee Young is backstage with Roman Reigns. She asks about Sheamus saying he’ll teach that a lesson. Reigns claims if Sheamus is going come teach him around being a champion and also a man, hell pass. Reigns will certainly teach him what that feels prefer to have actually his skin blistered by a chair shot or putting him v a table. He’ll additionally teach him what that feels like to it is in a former champion. Reigns claims for tonight, if Sheamus wants to teach that a lesson, we’ll view who goes come school.

Replays are shown of Charlotte faking an injury to pen Becky Lynch critical week. Is she becoming like she father? They’ll it is in on Miz TV, next.

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Miz TV w/ unique guests Charlotte and Ric Flair

The Miz is in the ring, and he welcomes the group to his show. Miz then introduces Ric Flair and Charlotte to the ring. Flair gets a vast response. Charlotte states that’s not just how you introduce a legend. Miz might also be Tyra Banks and quit his very own show. Charlotte then lists she father’s accolades and gets the a big pop. They then show off their corresponding Rolex watches. Miz says he remembers 2 months earlier when Charlotte to be crying over she BFFs. There’s a big difference now. Flair need to be therefore proud. Flair claims he loves see his daughter acquire confidence and live the life the a champion. Flair claims he plan on watching her retain it since he’ll be in her edge on Sunday.

Miz talks around Charlotte having a change of attitude. Charlotte asks why he’s attacking her since she’s act what the takes come win. Possibly it’s since she’s no a man. She feeling sorry because that Miz’ wife. Miz claims he look at what she trying to do, yet that i will not ~ distract him. That not about him or his wife. This is about Charlotte and also her behavior. Ever since Paige doubted her win after Survivor Series, she changed. Miz wants to know what she needs to say come Paige. Charlotte claims she’ll say it ~ above Sunday if she has actually anything to say. Miz says her father taught she well. Paige interfered with her friendship v Becky Lynch. She has actually an chance to say every little thing she wants around Paige, however she transforms it down. Flair claims this is no an opportunity for Miz to offer Charlotte the 3rd degree to bump his ratings. Paige claimed Flair is one old fart and also loves the spotlight more than his children. Charlotte says the just thing lower on the food chain than Miz is that gothic item of trash. Charlotte claims she’ll ruin her top top Sunday and also would to speak it to her challenge if she were there.

Paige’s music hits, and she comes the end to the stage. Paige says she is all hers. Paige it s okay in the ring. Flair claims this is a ploy to uncomfortable her. Flair says they room champions and tells her to acquire out that the ring. Paige turns Flair around and slaps him. Flair states to Charlotte, “Get her!” Charlotte attacks Paige until she retreats. That is the heel in this match?

The commentators ridicule anyone who is planning come buy WWE TLC ~ above PPV as opposed to the WWE Network. Just how dare you give them $54.95?

Ryback will confront Rusev, next.

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Replays are shown of Ryback shoving Rusev into the ring steps, which consequently clipped Lana in the leg, injuring her.

Ryback vs. Rusev w/ Lana

It have to be listed that Lana is mirroring absolutely no signs of the injury lock just asserted she had last week. We view a pre-taped promo with Rusev and Lana kissing. Lana says if you have actually love in your heart, you deserve to have forgiveness. Rusev didn’t average to hurt her last week, and she forgives him.

The bell rings, and Rusev rolls the end of the ring immediately. Rusev stretches and holds his ago before signaling they must maybe leave. Rusev it s okay in the ring at nine and stretches his injured back from earlier in the night. They lock up, and Ryback shoves him down. Rusev quickly gets the end of the ring to recover. Ryback climate takes Rusev out with a corkscrew plancha that doesn’t obtain much that a pop. Ryback gets Rusev earlier in the ring. Ryback elbow Rusev in the corner before hitting a suplex because that a two count. Ryback punches and head-butts Rusev before sending him right into the ropes. Rusev hold on and gives Ryback a ago body drop end the height rope. Rusev snaps Ryback’s arm off the height rope.

-Commercial Break-

We come earlier from the break to check out Ryback punching away at Rusev before lifting him over his head. Rusev slides out and takes that down before twisting the arm around the rope. Rusev proceeds to assault before Ryback knees away at him. Rusev reverses a whip right into the corner and also covers because that a two count. Rusev continues to work-related on the injured eight by driving his shoulder right into the injured arm, but Ryback comes earlier with a belly-to-belly side suplex. Ryback access time a pair of shoulder blocks before hitting a diving shoulder tackle. Ryback cd driver his shoulder right into the ribs prior to having a whip reversed. Ryback elbow him and also hits a missile dropkick because that a 2 count. Rusev starts to run away native Ryback in ~ ringside. Lana twists her ankle acquiring out of the way. Rusev takes benefit of this and also attacks him from behind. Rusev uses the Accolade in ~ ringside as Lana reflects she faked the injury.

Double Count-OutMatch Rating: *

Rusev hold the Accolade top top Ryback for another few moments before releasing it and also kissing Lana. Lock walk off.

Roman Reigns and also Sheamus will certainly be in the ring later on tonight.

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Titus O’Neil is top top commentary because that this following match.

Jack Swagger vs. Stardust

We sign up with this match in progress. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock, yet Stardust gets to the rope. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits, and he come out v Zeb Colter roll behind him. Stardust slams Swagger’s arm off the ring short article before kicking far at him. Stardust knees away at him before ripping in ~ the face. Swagger comes earlier with a pair the clotheslines adhered to by a Swagger Bomb attempt. Stardust blocks it, yet Swagger slams him down for a two count. Del Rio watches menacingly. Stardust kicks the in the face before going for the catastrophe Kick, yet Swagger counters right into the Patriot Lock because that the entry victory.

Winner by Submission: Jack SwaggerMatch rating: 1/4 *

Del Rio instantly cracks Swagger in the back with the chair prior to hitting Stardust for an excellent measure. Del Rio walk outside, however Swagger pops up through a chair in his hand to store him back. They crack chairs before Del Rio drops over Colter’s scooter. Swagger looks at Colter and approaches him. Swagger take away him and shouts around him offering up top top America. Colter simply drives off on him.

The Rosebush airs v Adam Rose. That so awful it’s not even worth explaining it.

Del Rio is backstage through Colter. Del Rio claims no one laughs at him, however they did due to the fact that of Colter and his scooter. Colter have to have gotten out of his way. It is why Colter will continue to be away from him because he doesn’t need him. Colter speak him to prevent being together a hot head. Del Rio says he doesn’t need him. Colter says Del Rio i will not ~ be the WWE United states Champion there is no him. Del Rio bring away a chair and says he’ll use it top top him like he’ll carry out on Swagger if that keeps running his mouth. Colter cd driver off together Del Rio throws the chair at him.

-Commercial Break-

This Thursday ~ above Smackdown, Dean Ambrose and also Kevin Owens will have a contract signing because that WWE TLC.

Tommy Dreamer w/ The Dudley Boyz and also Rhyno vs. Braun Strowman w/ The Wyatt Family

The bell rings, and they slowly strategy one another. Dreamer punches far at him prior to Strowman throws that down. Strowman taunts him. Dreamer clubs him, yet Strowman shoulder block him down. Strowman clubs him prior to choking him through his knee. Strowman shoulders and also knees him in the corner prior to tossing him to the center of the ring. Strowman clubs him before viciously whipping him to the corner. Strowman human body slams the down, and you can hear a pen drop in the arena. Strowman uses a nerve hold, but Dreamer fights up. Dreamer boots him and tries come clothesline him, however it doesn’t work. Dreamer goes because that a Dreamer DDT, but Strowman counters into the head and shoulder choke because that the win.

Winner by Referee Decision: Braun StrowmanMatch Rating: 1/4 *

Sheamus is viewed walking backstage. He’ll be the end in the ring to teach roman Reigns a lesson, next.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns is already making his means to the ring together we come back from the commercial. Reigns states he’s here for his lesson native Sheamus. A giant ladder is collection up in the ring. Reigns states the ladder reminds him of his first day top top the task with WWE. His an initial match in WWE was a TLC match with The Shield. Castle earned your spot on the bottom the the ladder. Now he’s rising the ladder together he chases the WWE human being Heavyweight Championship. Reigns beginning climbing together the crowd barely responds and also gives him the “WHAT” treatment. Reigns says he came to be the champion, however that lasted 5:15 to put him ago at the bottom that the ladder. Reigns claims he’s taking back what’s his at WWE TLC. As far as tonight goes, he’s not leaving the ring until Sheamus comes out and also he access time him through every toy in the ring. Yes, speak to weapons that reason a lot of damage to a body “toys” to get it over. An excellent god.

Sheamus’ music hits, and he comes the end to the stage. Sheamus asks if he’s really trying come intimidate him. Sequels room in this days, and also TLC will end exactly prefer Survivor series did through him still through the WWE human being Heavyweight Championship. As with at Survivor Series, Reigns will certainly be on his hands and knees wondering where it every went wrong. Reigns asks if this is really exactly how he’s going to teach the a lesson. Reigns invites him right into the ring. Sheamus says he’s the champion, for this reason Reigns doesn’t speak to the shots. Reigns believed the ireland loved to fight, however he’s no fighting. Sheamus says he’s told the world since day one the he loves a fight. He will certainly fight Reigns, simply not tonight. Reigns’ possibility will come at TLC, and he far better step up. Reigns claims he’s simply yapping. Reigns believed the Irish had potatoes, however he just has tater tots. Sheamus operation down, however doesn’t obtain in the ring. Sheamus claims he’s smarter 보다 that. The won’t build a fort this Sunday. He’ll build a castle v battered chairs, damaged tables, and also mangled ladders. He’ll construct it appropriate on peak of Reigns. Reigns says it sounds difficult coming from the man on the floor. Maybe Sheamus should male up. Yes a ton of stalling, and also Reigns is constantly calling that “tater tot” as it’s the one effective joke he’s had actually in fairly some time. Reigns eventually removes the ring that chairs, the table, and also the ladder to gain Sheamus come agree come come into the ring. Reigns throw the ladder in ~ Sheamus and laughs. Reigns ridicules him for flinching choose a little girl in ~ the vision of a ladder comes at him. Reigns asks if he is a champion or a footnote. Reigns states if that doesn’t acquire in the ring, hell run v him and also all that will certainly be left is his dumbass shirt.

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Sheamus gets in the ring, and Reigns immediately throws him out of the ring. Reigns throw him into the barricade and also they brawl through the crowd to a reaction the is not befitting a main occasion angle or the an alleged face that the company. Reigns goes because that a powerbomb off the stage, yet Sheamus takes the down. The warm is super low for this. Sheamus crack him ~ above the earlier with a chair a few times. Reigns litter a chair in ~ him and also follows him to ringside. Sheamus sends him into the barricade and goes to powerbomb him through the comment table, but Reigns access time him v a Superman Punch. Reigns goes because that a Spear, yet Sheamus sidesteps him and also sends him end the commentary table. Sheamus taunts the fans before Reigns spears him through a table in ~ ringside.


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Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and also The Usos def. The league of Nations, Team Extreme, and The Wyatt FamilyKevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler (non-title)Sasha Banks and also Naomi def. Brie Bella and also Alicia FoxThe Lucha dragons def. The brand-new Day (non-title)Rusev vs. Ryback end in a DCOJack Swagger def. Stardust via SubmissionBraun Strowman def. Tommy Dreamer via Referee Decision