The representative will send you a exercise wonderlic and a link to the universities official wonderlic test

Realize the wonderlic has actually a .7 correlation to the WAIS (I think)

Take the test and also convert your score

No must take the WAIS, unmuch less you treatment around your sub scores.

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Best of luck!


Wonderlic is a decent test, but I think that the last time anyone's compared the Wonderlic to the WAIS for convergent validity functions was Dodrill all the way earlier in 1981 to examine the cognitive functioning of brain-injured patients.

Thanks for bringing that up. I searched and also found:,%20Harrison%20and%20Engle%20(2015).pdf

Scored a 48. I normally scorearpubd a 46. But tright here is a wicked difficult SLE test wright here I "only" scored a 40.

Yes. The factor why WAIS-IV FSIQ is something one can hang their hat on as gold standard is precisely bereason the variety of g-loaded subtests from assorted cognitive domain names develop relicapacity. Even a subtest whose correlation via g is .8 still leaves many room for measurement error.

Interesting. Page 35 of this PDF appears to suggest that a score of 39 on the Wonderlic would certainly be equal to a 1600 on the pre-2005 SAT.

Nice find!

A score of 39 is in the 99+th percentile if I remember correctly. Maybe they are making use of the percentiles to convert to SAT scores? (Though I very doubt it would be that accurate).

I took the Wonderlic Mental aptitude quick test. 30 questions, 8 minutes. Scored a 31 (1.66 points for eextremely ideal answer on the quick test) or 19 raw. 18 raw or a score of 29 was the cut off for the bookkeeping routine. The test seemed too basic to be a major measure of IQ, Im certain that through practice anyone have the right to do well on it.

I have to also cite I completed all 30 questions with 2 minutes to spare, and was able to go earlier and review my answers, correcting 2 of my answers for lengthy worded math type difficulties. The obstacle level was low sufficient to permit spare time.

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