Why I’m Running

Voters in Westchester and the Bronx’s 16th Congressional district deserve a creative problem-solver as their representative in Congress. We need a fighter willing to stand up to the chaos and corruption in Washington and say ‘no.’ I’m seeking the Democratic nomination in the June 26th primary because now is a time when citizens with ideas, energy, and demonstrated ability must step forward to help fix our broken democracy. I have clear, innovative and progressive ideas for addressing our nation’s most pressing issues. You can find the details of my policy proposals here.

I will fight to repair our broken system, pressing for real campaign finance reform and a ban on all corporate PAC contributions. I will not accept a dime of special interest money as a candidate or your congressman.

I will also work for equal access to first-rate:

  • Education for our children,
  • Healthcare for families and senior citizens,
  • Jobs and career opportunities for young people and workers left behind,
  • Capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As Congressman, I will lead from the front to address the most pressing issues facing our nation and our district. I will speak out against vested interests. I will use my convening power, gathering the best minds to find solutions to our most pressing problems. I will be a voice for my neighbors in the district. All of this is in sharp contrast to how the current 30-year incumbent Eliot Engel interprets his role based on his long-term record.

Eliot Engel is a prime example of why our democracy is breaking. I know this through personal experience.

Both of my children have Type 1 Diabetes, and several months ago, my daughter and I met with Eliot Engel in Washington seeking to enlist his support to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. When my teenage daughter mentioned that something felt off about the encounter, I decided to dig a little. What I found was a deeply conflicted elected official: while serving on the House Diabetes Caucus, which is supposed to represent the interests of those afflicted with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Eliot Engel has at the same time chosen to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from political action committees (PACs) representing big sugar companies AND big pharma companies. Eliot Engel has done nothing meaningful against these companies as they have raised the price of life-saving insulin nearly 300% in the past decade. That’s wrong, especially during a time when family incomes have been stagnant.

Additionally, Eliot Engel has taken money from:

  • Defense companies while voting for war and foreign interventions
  • Big banks while and voting to deregulate the banking industry
  • Cable and phone providers while remaining silent as prices soar

This pattern of behavior, coupled with Eliot Engel’s weak record, mean that it’s time for a change. Eliot Engel has the second-worst attendance record in the New York Congressional delegation, having missed more than 1,300 votes. In 3 decades he has sponsored almost no major bills that became law.

I can no longer watch from the sidelines. Positive change depends on citizens stepping forward to fix the system. But I can’t do it without your help. I hope I can count on your support and your vote on June 26.