The Toyota floor Cruiser is just one of the many legendary off-road luxury vehicles in the world, well-known for that is durability and longevity.

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Unlike most Toyota models ~ above the road though, soil Cruisers are downright expensive. They cost as much as some high-end brands like Infiniti, Lexus, soil Rover, and also Mercedes-Benz.

So why are Toyota land Cruisers therefore expensive?

Toyota floor Cruisers room so expensive due to the fact that they are built like tanks, they last forever, they keep a high resale value, they to be designed come handle any kind of terrain, and also they room classed together a high-end high-end car.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a land Cruiser of her own, proceed reading to see why they’re for this reason expensive and also if they’re precious the price.

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5 factors Why land Cruisers are So Expensive:

5 factors Why floor Cruisers space So Expensive:

1. They Are developed Like Tanks

One of the most common words used to define the Toyota land Cruiser is “indestructible”.

They are famous for being placed through the ringer again and again there is no showing any kind of true signs of struggle or stress.

2. Their reliability Is Legendary

Like most Toyotas out there, the floor Cruisers can pretty lot last forever.

If you see one top top the sector with 100,000 mile on that or so, you deserve to just take into consideration it short mileage.

They commonly go for 200k, 300k, and even 400k miles or more.

3. They host Their worth Well

Even together Toyota land Cruisers begin to acquire a little older and also the miles start racking up, they commonly hold their prices well.

This permits drivers to acquire their usage out of them and then resell it because that a similar price.

4. It deserve to Go Anywhere

The land Cruiser was designed to be able to handle just around any terrain, and also that’s exactly what they can do.

This makes it a favorite among serious off-road adventurers that have actually a small extra money come spend.

5. They space Classed together Luxury

Even despite it put on a Toyota badge, the soil Cruiser is touted as a high-end vehicle, and also its price tag reflects that.

But take the moment to sit in one and you’ll watch why Toyota is may be to gain away v calling that luxury.

They’re gorgeous.

Why are Old Toyota land Cruisers for this reason Expensive?

Old soil Cruisers are so expensive because they’re indestructible, they room well-maintained, and seem to last forever. Floor Cruisers hold their value well and are expensive to start with, so also old ones room still walk to it is in expensive a couple of years down the line.

As a Toyota, land Cruisers are extremely regarded together being able come just about last forever.

So also when they cross the 100,000-mile mark, many human being consider them together just gaining started.

Not just that, but they’re developed like tanks and also are pretty much indestructible, as confirmed by lot of responses ~ above this thread.

If other is going to last for a long time while offering reliability and also dependability, it will tend to host a higher price.

Multiple individuals on this subject talk about Land Cruisers commonly getting 300,000 miles or more, with one even going end 600,000 miles!

Are soil Cruiser parts Expensive?

Land Cruiser parts are rather a bit an ext expensive than the prices you would certainly pay because that a smaller vehicle or also most trucks. This is for two key reasons — the floor Cruiser is expensive native the start and also it’s necessary to keep it in tip-top shape so that it have the right to perform off-road.

Since the floor Cruiser to be designed because that off-road use, it’s necessary that its equipment are kept well-maintained so that it have the right to perform as expected.

This method that the price for parts can be elevated accordingly.

Take a look in ~ this thread to check out where one user breaks under a couple of of the concerns that they’ve had to have actually fixed on your Land Cruiser and the accompanying price the they paid.

Are Toyota soil Cruisers Expensive come Maintain?

Compared come the average car on the road today, the Toyota soil Cruiser is expensive come maintain. Follow to, the Toyota floor Cruiser costs an typical of $843 per year in maintenance. This is 29% higher than the national annual average of $652 in maintenance prices for all vehicles.

But as soon as you compare the soil Cruisers to other vehicles in ~ its own class of SUV, the annual repair expenses are reasonable.

Check out the typical maintenance costs listed below with data gathered native RepairPal:

VehicleAverage annual Maintenance Cost
Toyota floor Cruiser$843
Infiniti QX80$718
Land Rover selection Rover$1,258
Lexus LX$832
Mercedes-Benz GLS$1,293

The Toyota land Cruiser and the Lexus are practically identical in average yearly maintenance cost, which renders sense since they’re carefully related.

The yearly cost of keeping the selection Rover or the Mercedes-Benz GLS is around 50% much more than a soil Cruiser.

Are Toyota soil Cruisers Expensive contrasted To comparable SUVs?

Toyota floor Cruisers space not expensive compared to comparable SUVs, but they no cheap either. In fact, when compared side-by-side with 4 of its closestly competitors, the Toyota soil Cruiser’s base version pricing ($85,665) put it ideal in the middle of the pack.

The Infiniti QX80 is by far the cheapest equivalent SUV in ~ $69,150 and also the variety Rover is the most expensive in ~ $92,000.

Check out the remainder of the values below, gathered from consumer Reports as the base model MSRP:

VehicleBase MSRP
Toyota soil Cruiser$85,665
Infiniti QX80$69,150
Land Rover range Rover$92,000
Lexus LX$86,830
Mercedes-Benz GLS$76,000

Although the Toyota is nearly the precise same price as the Lexus LX, keep in mind that both vehicles are made through Toyota.

The LX is a slightly an ext luxurious variation of the soil Cruiser, so it might be precious spending the extra money ~ above one!

Is the floor Cruiser Overpriced?

For the automobile class the it’s in, the Toyota floor Cruiser is not overpriced. But when friend take into account the reality that every one of the comparable SUVs in the same course are high-end luxury brands, the soil Cruiser could be taken into consideration overpriced.

By looking earlier at the table above, we can see the the floor Cruiser ($85,665) is nearly the same price as the Lexus LX ($86,830) and practically $10,000 much more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz GLS ($76,000).

Not to even mention the Infiniti QX80 at just ($69,150).

You typically think of those brands as soon as you think of deluxe vehicles, not Toyota.

For the price, you’d practically always be far better off going with its cousin — the Lexus LX.

Are Toyota floor Cruisers worth The Money?

If you’re walking to usage it because that what it was yes, really designed for — traversing just about any terrain out there — climate yes, the Toyota land Cruiser is precious the money. Yet if you’re simply going to be driving the on the roads like a regular vehicle, you could get miscellaneous far much more affordable.

Coming from world who have actually actually purchased and also driven them together their own, land Cruisers space worth the money.

Take a look in ~ this subject to check out a handful of human being recommending who to buy a floor Cruiser and why they have to do so.

Why is soil Cruiser an ext Expensive 보다 Sequoia?

The floor Cruiser is more expensive than the Sequoia because it’s an ext versatile and also it’s likewise technically a deluxe vehicle. The Sequoia is a bit more like a truck, clunky and also clumsy. The land Cruiser deserve to handle any type of terrain if offering chauffeurs refinement and also luxury.

First and foremost, the internal of the soil Cruiser is lot nicer than what’s found in the Sequoia.

According come a report through Autotrader, the floor Cruiser has an update infotainment system, perforated leather seat that room heated and air-conditioned, and more.

All points that the Sequoia does no offer.

Although the Sequoia is quite a bit bigger than the soil Cruiser, the land Cruiser is the more off-road capable vehicle.

It to be designed to manage anything that you deserve to throw in ~ it, together it was so eloquently defined at the top of this thread.

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Combined through the upgraded interior and also more modern-day appeal, it every adds as much as the land Cruiser being more expensive 보다 the Sequoia.