About just Dropped In (To see What condition My condition Was In)

"Just to reduce In (To check out What problem My problem Was In)" is a counterculture era song written by Mickey Newbury and, in 1968, a chart hit for Kenny Rogers and the first Edition, which tape-recorded the track in October 1967. Claimed to reflect the LSD experience, the song was plan to be a warning around the dangers of utilizing the drug. That was an initial recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, donate by members the "The Memphis Boys", the chart-topping rhythm ar at Chips Moman"s American sound Studio in Memphis, on might 9, 1967. The song appeared on Lewis" album spirit My Way, released November 1, 1967. Before Lewis" record was issued, ~ above October 10, 1967, that was tape-recorded by Teddy Hill & the Southern soul as a solitary on Rice records (Rice 5028 b/w "Stagger Lee") and produced by Norro Wilson. "Just to reduce In ..." by Kenny Rogers and also the first Edition (with Kenny Rogers on lead vocals) was tape-recorded in October 1967, and peaked at number five on the Billboard charts. It was Rogers" first top ten hit. The song catches the short-lived psychedelic era the the late 1960s, stands apart from the country folk harmonies that defined most the the very first Edition"s catalog, and also got the group their an initial national TV audience ~ above The Smothers brother Comedy Hour.more »

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I wake up up this morning with the sundown glowing inI found my mind in a brown document bag withinI tripped on a cloud and also fell-a eight miles highI tore mine mind top top a jagged skyI just dropped in to view what condition my problem was inYeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what problem my problem was inI propelled my heart in a deep dark hole and then I adhered to it inI watched myself crawling out together I to be a-crawling inI acquired up so tight ns couldn"t unwindI experienced so lot I broke my mindI simply dropped in to check out what problem my problem was inYeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what problem my problem was inSomeone painted April stupid in huge black letter on a Dead end signI had actually my foot ~ above the gas as I left the road and blew out my mindEight mile outta Memphis and also I obtained no spareEight miles right up downtown somewhereI just dropped in to check out what condition my problem was inI claimed I simply dropped in to view what problem my problem was inYeahyeahoh-yeah

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The very first Edition The very first Edition (later known as Kenny Rogers and also the first Edition) to be a country music/rock band. That stalwart members were Kenny Rogers (lead vocals and bass guitar), Mickey Jones (drums and percussion) and also Terry Williams (guitar and vocals).

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The band created in 1967, with individual musician Mike settle (guitar and also backing vocals) and also the operatically trained Thelma Camacho perfect the lineup. An ext »