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Who or what affected you to apply to Syracuse University? (Maximum: 250 words)

Ever because I started high college as a short, geeky freshman, I could not wait because that college. Ns spent endless hours researching colleges until one day, i stumbled ~ above Syracuse, and I discovered it was the perfect college for me. I have actually a enthusiasm for history, so ns proceeded to study all about Syracuse’s background major. Scrolling through the PDF the courses readily available on mine brightly lit computer screen, classes such as contemporary American Presidency, modern-day American political Thought, and Women in America: Civil battle to the current jumped out at me. Ns love background and learning around the past, but I am also very interested in learning around the present, together I have actually a love because that politics. Additionally, Syracuse’s newspaper, The daily Orange, is regarded as among the ideal college papers in the country. Being Editor-in-Chief of my high institution newspaper, I reap writing articles and also designing pages because that our student operation newspaper, just like Syracuse’s. I have actually a enthusiasm for informing mine peers, staff and administrators of points going on around them, as I have presented through mine involvement through my high school’s newspaper, The Eagle. The daily Orange reports ~ above a range of topics ranging from Syracuse’s sporting activities teams come news stories around things happening around campus. I would certainly love to have the privilege of coming to Syracuse and working for one of the finest college newspapers in the country.

Who is the person you dream of becoming and also how execute you think Syracuse university can help you accomplish this? (Maximum: 250 words)

I dream to be someone the stands up for those who are too fear to speak up for themselves. My institution newspaper, The Eagle, has set a goal to education Washington college student on issues they might not have been thinking around before they read around them in ours newspaper. Among my favorite issues by our file was the stress, depression, human body image, and also students through divorced parents concern published throughout the 2014-2015 institution year which focused on plenty of things students generally hear about, yet probably would have never well-known to what extent others approximately them were influenced by these issues (we interviewed and surveyed countless students and used your responses in the paper). We melted light on sensitive topics so the students who space too afraid to speak up on their own can be heard with our newspaper. We also published a police misconduct and racial stereotyping in America issue which melted a brand-new light on the worry many students never thought around as countless students in our school have (thankfully) never ever experienced police misconduct.

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We did not try to choose a side in the citizens vs police debate, we just brought all of the truth we accumulated on both parties and shared them with our college student to make them much more informed. Informing students about situations favor these has helped to make my high college a an ext tolerant environment.