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Joyeeta :(September 12, 2021)______________ is not an accumulation functiona). Sum()b). Count()c). Round()d). Avg()
In a employee table to incorporate the characteristics whose value always have some value which that the complying with constraint should be supplied ?
The property in a where clause have the right to involve Boolean to work such together and.The result of true and also unknown is_______ false and unknown is _____ when unknown and also unknown is _____
DriverManager.getConnection(_______ , ______ , ______)What space the two parameters the are had ?
Which the the following is offered to differentiate the variables in SQL indigenous the organize language variables ?
SELECT * from employee whereby dept_name="Comp Sci";In the SQL given over there is an error . Recognize the error .
Which the the following should be supplied to find all the courses taught in the autumn 2009 semester yet not in the feather 2010 semester .
SQL applies predicates in the _______ i after groups have to be formed, so aggregate functions may be used.
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