Hi!The price is b. EtchingEtching is cutting or carving a drawing onto a surface such as timber or stone.Hope this helps! :)

The appropriate answer is option "D" i beg your pardon is "etching".

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Etching is the most comparable to drawing out of every the given choices of intaglio printmaking forms.

In etching, one artist consists a metal plate through an mountain resistant layer of ground instead of sculptured straight into plate, here in etching the artist draws into the ground, revealing small areas of exposed steel underneath. The plate is then submerged right into acid bath. The mountain ewears away at the exposed metal, producing grooved present in the shape of drawn image. Grooves will be an ext deeper if the plate remains in the mountain for the longer time and hence an ext ink they will certainly hold. Now that the metal"s plate bears the artist image, it can be pressed and also the image have the right to be transferred to paper.

Hence this is why etching is pertained to as most similar to drawing out that the provided intagila printmaking forms.


The correct answer is letter D.

Etching is a type of illustration that is similar tointaglio. This process uses solid acids or mordants come cut means unprotect partsof metal surface the creates one intaglio style in metals. This is a technique ofprintmaking that permits an separation, personal, instance to map out the snapshot on a surface theneventually using chemicals to take away unnecessary details required in theprint.


d. Etching & b. Linocut


1) Etching is one printmaking process where lines space incised utilizing acid into a steel plate to hold the ink, the printmaker scratches the product exposing the steel beneath, this is similar to drawing because they involve incision to hold ink.

2) with linocut there space two difficulty when printmaking, linoleum isn"t very smooth, therefor some tones are hosted in white spaces. Also, the gouge marks room too large to host ink




Etching is the most comparable to drawing.


d :)



D. Etching


Etching is the ax that generally refers come designs do on tough surfaces - such as wood, rock and steel - based on incisions, corrosions and gouges made v special instruments and also materials. Unequal drawing, the technical measures employed in engraving allow the reproduction the the image. In this sense, an sculpture is considered original as soon as it is a direct an outcome of the matrix developed by the artist, i beg your pardon on this basis prints the image in equal, numbered and signed copies. Relying on the technique and product used, the engraving is offered a details nomenclature: lithography, metal engraving, woodcut, display screen printing, etc.


The price is D. Etching

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