Isoelectronic means equal variety of electrons.O+ is formed when the atom of O loses 1 electron.The number of electrons that neutral O atom equates to its variety of protons.Number of proton identifies the atom number and also position of the aspect in the regular table.The positon that O in the periodic table is A = 8, so it has actually 8 electrons and also O+ has 8 - 1 = 7 electrons.The neutral atom v one electron less than O is of the facet to the left the O in the routine table (A = 7). That facet is N.

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Therefore, the neutral atom isoelectronic through O+ is N (both have actually 7 electrons).
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Alex_Xolod <135> a. 2K + I2 => 2 KI

Explanation: Potassium or K is in group 1 for this reason its oxidation is 1+ when Iodine is in group 7 so its oxidation is -1. Iodine is expressed as I2 when written individually. So the reaction is K reacts with I2 to produce KI. Then balance the equation by adding 2 to K and also 2 to KI come balance the equation.

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How old is the moon? much older 보다 Earth around the same period as planet older 보다 the sun lot younger than Earth
maxonik <38>

Much younger 보다 Earth


The moon is thought to it is in much an ext younger than the earth.

The moon is earth"s only organic satellite.

It is hypothesised that a planetary body as big as Mars collided with earth. The affect causes vapourization and hauling of materials from the planet crust and also mantle.

The blasted particles and the issue were pulled with each other by gravity. This ones formed our satellite, the moon.

Some that the issue fell back to the planet surface.

The moon was created after planet was formed and also it is lot younger 보다 our blue planet.

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What is the molarity that a 650. ML equipment containing 63 grams the NaCl?
madreJ <45>
This trouble is addressed using adhering to formula, Molarity = Moles ÷ Volume of systems ----- (1)Data Given; Volume = 650 mL = 0.65 together Mass = 63 gSolution:First the all calculation moles for provided mass, Moles = Mass ÷ M.mass moles = 63 g ÷ 58.4 g.mol⁻¹ mole = 1.08 molNow, putting values of mole and volume in eq. 1, Molarity = 1.08 mol ÷ 0.65 together Molarity = 1.66 mol.L⁻¹
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If the atom is suspect to be a sphere, what is the volume in cm3 that a solitary copper (cu) atom?
kompoz <17>

Atomic radius that copper atom (r)= 128 pm

volume of round = 4/3 * pi * r^3 = 4/3 * 3.14 * 128^3

volume = 8780076.373 pm^3

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How have the right to telescopes help visualizing the electromagnetic spectrum?what is the “best place” because that telescopes “to detect most radiatio
natima <27>


How deserve to telescopes aid visualizing the electromagnetic spectrum?what is the “best place” because that telescopes “to detect most radiation” and also why?


Astronomers usage telescopes the detect various parts that the electromagnetic spectrum. Each form of telescope can only finding one component of the electromagnetic spectrum. There space radio telescopes, infrared telescopes, optical (visible light) telescopes and also so on.

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The best place to detect most radiation is above the blocking atmosphere, so some telescopes are put in orbit approximately the Earth. Even visible irradiate is distorted through the atmosphere, so clearer pictures can be gained from orbiting telescopes.

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