If you were roommates v a celeb, who must it be? NMS nature let's you recognize with a quick quiz based on your personality!


The Good: Seeing her bestie every day that is there once you need her however takes a hint as soon as you don't. Bonus? She'll most most likely keep your place full of baked goods and let friend borrow clothes!The Bad: sometimes seeing her bestie every day turns them much more into a sister...the sort you hit with and also end up no wanting to check out every day. Also, they make take liberties the you space not yes with because they feel so comfortable v you (answering your cell when you're in the shower, borrowing your new shirt etc).The Advice: If you want to live through a BFF, proceed with caution. Maybe shot going ~ above a lengthy vacation together first! Also, set limits with yourself top top if girlfriend are an ext in-the-apartment BFF's or all-around BFFs. Being an ITA BFF way you room friends but have your own social circles, gift AA BFF's means you room ok with possibly merging social groups which leader to seeing every other means more than simply at home.

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The Good: friend don't desire a built in friend also if you're no a loner type. Most most likely you simply need a roommate to aid pay the bills. The "Ninja" roommate is so liven non-stop working, connecting through their very own friends etc. The you'll rarely ever before see them...but friend WILL see the rent!The Bad: no a an excellent roommate if you feel scared home alone for an ext than a night. Also, be certain that the ninja roommate isn't unable to do SO often that lock forget come pay their share of rental or utilities.The Advice: having actually a ninja roommate is cool, however make certain you have various ways of getting to them if one emergency come up. Also, make sure they don't have a pet that they'll leaving you caring because that in their long absences.

The Good: The Type-A type of roomie is resourceful, organized and also most most likely a succinct freak and also a health nut...kind of favor YOU! Or, in ~ least, just how you aspire come be. This roomie will store you in line (ie: no junk food around, rent is constantly paid EARLY) or be a live in life-coach of species (getting you up to run together, to teach you the joys of exchange rate thread sheets).The Bad: occasionally 2 Type-A's amounts to an F because of your very comparable characteristics, but at times various opinions. For those of you aspiring in the direction of perfection, living with a Type-A deserve to be exhausting in ~ times and also you may uncover them call you the end on things favor leaving one cup in the sink because that a day or moving bottles of shampoo around.The Advice: If you are Type-A, would certainly YOU want to live with YOU? If so, provide it a try! If not, look because that someone that is a little much more balanced and aim come be much more forgiving of their habits that don't enhance up to yours.If you space NOT a Type-A, prepare to take it the good with the bad and also communicate in a directly forwards manner before moving in together. Be sure everyone to know what is and isn't walk to it is in a large deal in the family members in advance.

The Good: She can't stop, she won't stop and most likely neither will certainly you...partying, that is! The Party pet roommate is awesome since like you, they are a social butterfly and also love going out and also hosting in. They are method more tolerant of any kind of of your less-than-desirable roommate habits and constantly ready come bust out the beer or head over to the new bar down the street through you. The Bad: You may both be party animals, yet it doesn't average you are totally "in sync". Everyone demands some "down" time and unfortunately you might not suffer the need for it in ~ the exact same time, an interpretation loud noise as soon as you really need to sleep or evil versa. Also, the party animal may not be the finest at security money wisely, leaving girlfriend to make up for their brief rent.The Advice: interact ALOT before moving in with each other to make certain that while you both love come party, there are SOME boundaries. Possibly you provide each various other veto power over instant parties, agree to hire a weekly cleaning human being or only have much more than 2 guests over on weekends.

The Good: Oh-la-la, you looove gift around creative energy whether you yourself space or are not an artist too. If you space someone that appreciates art/music or the art/music scene, you'll have a constructed in bud come cruise to concert or collection openings v or maybe finish up collaborating with. If friend don't understand much about art, but like being around an imaginative people, you'll find out a lot by proxy and possibly start to expand your own creative horizons.The Bad: Sometimes an innovative types are, well, MOODY. It is in prepared. Also, relying on the type of an imaginative outlet that your roommate concentrates on, there might be activity during weird hrs that problem with your schedule and also possibly messes left for longish amounts of time if they focus on your craft. The Advice: If you're relocating in through an "artist" or "musician" that isn't fine known, be sure they have actually a MAIN source of income to assist pay the bills with and also verify it. Also, connect on as soon as borrowing items or noise or task around the house is ok or not ok because that you both in bespeak to possible avoid arguments.

The Good: girlfriend love the funny and so does your roommate! her goofy roommate brings a smile to her face and knows how to gain you the end of your comfort zone and into absurd situations. If you room not someone that NEEDS brought out the a lull zone, climate you will quickly come to be partners in crime make stupid YouTube videos or having actually wacky adventures.The Bad: Some people don't recognize when to stop joking around so while her roommate might be funny, they might not know when it's time to it is in serious and also say...shut up? salary the $20 earlier to you the they borrowed? prevent telling you come "lighten up" any kind of time you shot to talk to them about something that's bothering you? The Advice: you don't go in search of a roommate necessarily that shows up to it is in wacky indigenous the get-go, most of the moment you simply kind of finish up living v someone that gradually becomes comfortable sufficient with you to let loosened and be their weird selves. That said, many of the time if her roommate is going a small TOO overboard, just interact openly with them while being mindful not to be offensive. Wacky human being are regularly a tiny scarred from gift made fun of in ~ some allude in life because that being a little different or being rejected from typical social circles. Be direct but be type if they acquire too intense, otherwise, gain your hijinks, you crazy kids!

The Good: The Connector roommate knows everyone or at least usually has a friend with a friend the can get you things, get you into places, or just all-around hook you up. They room most always employed, definition they will have actually no problem paying rent on time. Also, they space most most likely social and have your own group of friends meaning that they will certainly not it is in needy or in your face.The Bad: civilization who are constantly in-the-know or understand "everybody" can likewise be huge know-it-alls or constantly name drop. No matter how much you prefer to network or meet brand-new people, this will get annoying in ~ some allude or may even turn right into a vain if friend are likewise a connector. Also, you may find that YOU space a needy roommate if you realize how many human being they space well associated to and also end up driving lock away.The Advice: like being in a romantic relationship, a an excellent roommate connection is all around give and take and an excellent communication. While your roommie may have great connections (and so may you), be careful not come take benefit of them. Also, be careful of her social people colliding; make certain that you desire to be actual friends if you are going to begin hanging in their circles or inviting lock to hang in yours.

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The Good: OMG! WTF?! girlfriend looovvveeee you part drama, whether or no you room the creator of it or just a spectator. There will certainly rarely ever before be a dull minute with the Drama Queen roommate, therefore make sure the kitchen is always stocked with popcorn for all of those so late night stories.The Bad: Dramatic world are rarely ever only walking to focus on specific people so loving their dramatic nature might come back to haunt friend if you accidentally obstacle them the wrong way. Also, if you choose your drama as a side dish in life and not a key course, girlfriend may have bitten off an ext than you can chew and be constantly bombarded with crazy story and/or atmosphere swings.The Advice: proceed with excessive caution and also make certain you have a high power level because this roommate will certainly be really hard to keep up v emotionally, even if it is you desire to be attracted in to the drama or not. Also, the never hurts to authorize a much shorter term lease come make sure things are good and fine prior to locking yourself right into a 12 or 24 month lease through a Drama Queen.

If you were roommates v a celeb, who need to it be? NMS nature let's you know with a short quiz based on your personality!