Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” is one of his finest films. The 2006 Best picture winner features an ensemble of incredible actors and also wonderful storytelling. However, there are numerous scenes that are up because that interpretation. For instance, what’s in the package Billy provides Madolyn throughout their last encounter?*Spoilers Ahead*After Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio) finds out that Mass. State PD Officer Collin (Matt Damon) is mob ceo Frank Costello’s (Jack Nicholson) rat, he goes on the run. However, before he disappears, Billy access time his therapist and also lover, Madolyn (Vera Farmiga). Billy hand Madolyn a manila envelope and also instructs she to just open the if he’s dead or phone call her and also tells her to open up it. Madolyn to write “Costigan” top top the envelope and also puts that in her drawer.The film’s following scene reasons some confusion since it attributes Madolyn opened a different envelope that’s additionally from Billy. Billy sends Collin a white envelope containing tapes the Collin’s conversations through Frank. However, it to be unbeknownst come Billy the Collin and also Madolyn space dating and also living together. Madolyn listens to the tapes and also essentially division up through Collin.

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Later, Collin meets Billy on a rooftop whereby Billy arrests Collin because that his crimes. Trooper Brown (Anthony Anderson) arrives, per Billy’s invitation, yet misinterprets the situation. Brown instructs Billy come drop his gun and release Collin. Billy’s next lines reveal crucial information regarding what’s in the manila envelope he offered Madolyn.Script excerpt for “The Departed”Billy provided Madolyn the proof that incriminates Collin due to the fact that no one would certainly suspect there’s a link in between the two. That way if Collin or anyone indigenous Costello’s mob death Billy, the proof will still be out there. Furthermore, the envelope many likely likewise contained instructions to offer the evidence to Dignam (Mark Wahlberg). The is obvious when Dignam appears in Collin’s apartment to kill him in the final scene.While the just two world who know for certain what’s in the manila envelope space Martin Scorsese and also screenwriter wilhelm Monahan, our evaluation is that it’s incriminating evidence against Collin.
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