when going come the office, or going to a location you will visit what is her usual means of transport? a car? execute you drive it? a jeep? bus? train? through me, my usual carry is a motorcycle. Me and my husband commonly goes to job-related together therefore he cd driver it and i"m a back ride. Its kinda fast due to the fact that we have the right to go come shortcuts. However when i have actually a different schedule i go to occupational alone thats the time i usage public transportation.i ride a tricycle first. Then a jeep, then a bus, then a train (MRT). 4 different method of transport. Yet when ns dont desire to go up and also down those vehicles, i eliminate the train, i should be one hour beforehand so i wont be late. I"ll simply ride the tricycle, the jeep climate the bus come the office.how about you jonathanlewisforcongress.comters, what room your method of transportation?

My method of transportation to work-related is my car. Also though I have actually taken the bus, cab and subway a long time ago. I"m thankful because that my auto even despite gas is high. There is nothing favor being able to leave when you acquire ready and not having to wait for your transportation.

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Bus or train... If I"m in a rush, I"ll take it a train or taxi. I"ve always dreamed about cycling come work yet there space too plenty of cars here and also it"s dangerous to cycle top top highways..
Taxi is getting really expensive too so ns usually try to take bus or train. I dislike to take it bus or train together it"s always so... Crowded..

hi poohgalyou are right. Train room so crowded. Here, at the time of the rush hour, commuters occupy also the stairs and sometimes even 1/4 the the highway. The even reason traffics.but train room really fast contrasted to bus.thanks

its just 5 or less minute journey for work-related from my boarding house, i have my motorcycle through me, i uncover it an ext handy than having a ride from the public transportation also though ns a woman, and it still safe below to ride her own!!but once it rains and cant drive and also i can soaked up from rain ns ride trycycle because that work!!!
hi!wow you drive your very own motorcycle. Thats cool, i wish my husband will teach me. Haahhahatake care
thank you!!my dad teach me exactly how to drive when i to be on my second year high school, and likewise my older brother, he taught me!!!and mostly all my friends know how to journey also!!we have actually this company where every one of us drives our very own motorcycle!!and tell your husband to teach you!!its yes, really cool!!!
wow that"s really cool.yeah, i"m constantly asking my husband to teach me, yet we dont have a common restday for this reason he i do not know teach me as of now
I don"t have any kind of other organization here in Manila however to walk to school. So i ride a tricycle come Anonas Station. Journey the ever before reliable chic-filled LRT2, Go under at recto station and also ride my favorite jeepney course which bring me closer to my college reducing the walking distance.
Nope. I examine in Mapua in intramuros. Yeah. I"m really fortunate that LRT2 exists. So much it is the best rail transit in the Philippines.
u r right but alot of work i simply don"t feeling like obtaining out but i really do like come be in ~ home. Best place in the people to be in mine opinion.
Right now, ns bum rides everywhere! ns don"t choose asking people for anything, so I just mainly remain at house and shot n obtain up finances to buy an additional car! loss both of mine vehicles because of financial worries so, I"m back at that again!Taripre$
Yeah, I"m working on it, require to gain around! have to go shopping, gain out the house, go out, yes it pretty lot sucks, but I"ll get it together!Taripre$
Hi deari have car and also i usage it to commute to my officeeven if i have to go part where also then i usage it. Thats alland ns hope u constantly want to go v ur hubby as an altering 4 setting of carry is hectic and irritating and sure need most timeTake care
hi cupid,yes, even when i deserve to go residence earlier, ns would just wait because that him saves time and also money
take care
I live in zamboanga city, philippines and also it is a very small city so there are simply two varieties of public transportation that is very common here and that is the tricycle and the jeep.. For this reason if you want cheaper fare go for the jeep however if you desire to it is in comfortable then it is the tricycle then. My office is simply near our home and also it is easily accessible by one of two people of the 2 so once i feel lazy and also wants to it is in comfortable i go because that the tricycle..hehe and also if ns am being frugal ns go for the jeep which expenses less or if i perform not have any type of fare hahaha i go come the office with my husband, i have to go v him earlier...so he have the right to take me to the office and also he has actually a motorcycle :D
hi jazel_juantricycle is an extremely common in the province. As soon as i checked out pangasinan, tricycle is the only way of transportation when going come the barrios.take care
really? well here its yes, really a city and thats yes, really our majoy setting of transportation hehe... You seldom find taxis here...they make the efforts implementing taxis here however it did no succeed probably since its expensive plus the city is for this reason small...

hello there red_amethyst,looks prefer you"re my fellow kababayan...lolanyway, to get to my college I normally ride a tricycle climate a jeep that would take me come the train terminal which is the LRT2, climate from there on after boarding the train I would certainly be then moving to one more tricycle till i reach my school.
I usage public transportation to go to work and back home. I an initial ride ~ above a tricycle, then a jeepney, then one more jeepney and also finally an additional jeepney! That"s fairly a lot but I gained used come it because that the past seven years. My brother has a vehicle but I deserve to just ride v him once he"s on my method to work-related or if we go come the shopping center or grocery store store. Nowadays that the fare is tho up, I simply don"t know how to save my transportation expenses. But as lot as feasible id ns go to one place, I watch to that that everything that I need to do there should be done so the I need not come go earlier again and waste money.
i always take the bus as i dont have actually a driving lessons. Additionally the bus is more environmentallty friendly and also it expenses less then my own vehicle would
When i go come office, I commonly take a jeep or tricycle. Once we go to mall, generally it took us 45 minutes, so we used to ride on a bus.
I offered car. I drive a auto when ns go to job-related shopping the visiting some friends. Before, I had actually a bicycle. It only last for a year. Mine husband and I decided to offer it due to the fact that I wont require it anymore. Felt negative though it was his birthday gift because that me. However as an exchange of my bicycle, it to be a car.
well usually i take my bicycle or my brother"s one to go around.. If the an unlucky day.. I often have come walk all my method from work to home.. Not that that is long however i have actually been easing myself on my bike quite frequently that the possibility of physical exertion strains me...
Wow!! this reminds me of my transportation prior to I pertained to the US. Hahaha.. Yes, tricycle, jeepney.. Those were my rides prior to going come work. But now, I have actually noc an option but come stay home for a while due to the fact that there is no jeep, tricycle or bus in the location where i am now. We have cars in ~ home yet I never ever drive since I"m fear on the road. Mine hubby will be the driver. Hahaha ns am tho practicing but, I obtain nervous as soon as I to be in the heavy traffic. I miss out on the tricycle and also jeepney rides.
My work ar is quite near where i live... So when it is not hot... I just walk going come the office... Yet if it is... Then ns ride the tricycle... It only like a three minute ride... So i never have to hurry... Yet going home... I would always just walk... So that serves as my mini practice everyday...

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Gas costs high nowadays. I usage to drive my method to school and also to the malls but now i commute if ns am the just one going. We use the auto rarely, just on occasions when the family members goes out. We need to be practical, economic situations are everywhere. We need to save up for the future.
Before we have our own automobile I usually ride on jeepneys, top top tricycle ~ above buses, on trains, taxi and also FX, name it and also I absolutely had a drive in it.