What part of the nervous mechanism is responsible for the physiological changes linked with emotion?
No. Trends of activation room not totally specific. Friend can"t phone call what emotions a human is feeling based off physiological changes. There are only particular emotions the make details changes in the body.

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When one emotionally arousing occasion occurs, we have a certain pattern that physiological and behavioral changes, we have actually an emotion led to BY the changes.Book: The concept that our endure of feeling is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli.Event leads to particular physiological arousal pattern leading to an emotion.The feel is based upon a physiological change. Each emotion has its own pattern.Phenomenon: facial/behavioral feedback. Changing facial expression causes an altering emotion. Problems: depends on a poly graph that has actually nonspecific validity, individual variation, and error rate (excluded or restricted in court).
Emotionally arousing event causes nonspecific physiological arousal I"ll and also emotional arousal, but neither reasons the other, they walk in separate mind paths. Book: The concept that one emotional-arousing stimulus simultaneously triggers physiological responses and the subjective experience of emotion. An event > nonspecific arousal add to emotion (neither causing the other). Different from laying: emotion add to physiological solution occur simultaneously, JL states one reasons the other, order of events.
Event leads to nonspecific physiological alters alerting mind that somethings walking on, let"s number out what causes arousal and also produce emotions.Event leads to nonspecific emotionally arousal leading to cognitive translate of situation and arousal causing an emotional response. Book: to endure emotion one have to be physically aroused and cognitively brand the arousal.Spillover effect/transferred excitation: arousal indigenous one case intensifies emotion associated with an additional situation. Crowding increases arousal.

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What is a polygraph? What does that measure? What space the problems linked with it? how accurate is it? exactly how is the most likely to err?
Poly graph: procedures autonomic task (blood pressure, breath rate, love rate). Problems: no valid since just physiological arousal is detected, it can"t distinguish between lying, fear, anxiety, etc. There is no pattern specifically to measure up lying. People can discover to manage their autonomic response. The is also wrong around one third of the time. It is much more likely to label innocent together guilty 보다 guilty as innocent.