The term post-time in steed racing has actually numerous connotations, all of which are pertained to each other. For you etymologists out tbelow, the expression post time originates from the Latin word ponere, which indicates to location.

As such, in regards to steed racing, it refers to the posting (or placing) of the entries at the founding point of the race.

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 Rick Fortenbaugh

The first point short article time have the right to refer to is ssuggest the booked beginning time of a race. This is self-explanatory and bettors will certainly have actually no difficulty finding out the post times for races either through the public attend to system or boards that show up around the track.

A second definition for post-time refers to the exact minute as soon as all the entries have to be in the starting gate and all set to race. In other words, it's the last action before the race gets underway.

A third interpretation for article time concerns betting. Once a race reaches short article time, no more bets are permitted to me made on the race. For bettors who are still trying to consist of their minds, learning the short article time is crucial.

This can be also even more crucial once the majority of late money comes in on the race and considerably transforms the odds on a steed from where they were earlier in the day. Because of this, it's the post-time odds that count when it pertains to calculating payouts. 

As a general dominance of thumb, it's generally considered an excellent principle to make your bet at least 10 minutes prior to short article time. If you are equine betting online you could want to do it also previously because periodically you can't be sure when the webwebsite or application can cut off wagering and refuse your bet. 

Tright here are numerous other methods in steed racing and also betting in which the word "post'' shows up. This includes previous posting, which is additionally well-known as late betting.

Making a bet after short article time is illegal and was regularly a significant problem in the past prior to the advance of much more advanced communication modern technology.

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In the "old'' days as soon as the results of races were released in a slower fashion, at times it was possible to cheat by betting on the outcome of a race that had already been completed. The term previous posting stems from equine racing once a bugler would play a speak to to the write-up appropriate before post time. Any bets made after that time are therefore previous the post.

Words "post'' likewise shows up in 2 various other ways in steed racing. A post-parade is when horses leave their stalls and proceed along the track to the starting gate. A postplace describes wright here a steed is inserted in the founding gate.