The epiphysis is at each end of a long bone. It contains mostly spongy bone. The metaphysis is the part of a long bone between the diaphysis and the growth plate.

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What is made of compact bone?

Compact bone, also known as cortical bone, is a denser material used to create much of the hard structure of the skeleton. As seen in the image below, compact bone forms the cortex, or hard outer shell of most bones in the body. The remainder of the bone is formed by cancellous or spongy bone.

What is the difference between compact and spongy bone that can be seen with the eye?

What differences between compact & spongy bone can be seen with the naked eye? Compact bone is very smooth, dense & thick. Spongy bone has a lot of open spaces.

Where is compact and spongy bone found?

Spongy tissue is found on the interior of the bone, and compact bone tissue is found on the exterior.

What type of bone has the least amount of spongy bone?

Test 2

Smooth, nearly flat articular surface.facet.
Which category of bone has the least amount of spongy bone relative to its total volume?long bones.
What are some long bones?femur, phalanges, humerus, tibia/fibula, radius/ulna, metacarpals, metatarsals.
What are some short bones?tarsals and carpals.

What is the difference between compact and spongy bones?

Compact bone is dense and composed of osteons, while spongy bone is less dense and made up of trabeculae. Blood vessels and nerves enter the bone through the nutrient foramina to nourish and innervate bones.

What is the end portion of a long bone?

The end of the long bone is the epiphysis and the shaft is the diaphysis.

What is inside the epiphysis?

The epiphysis is the rounded end of a long bone, at its joint with adjacent bone(s). Between the epiphysis and diaphysis (the long midsection of the long bone) lies the metaphysis, including the epiphyseal plate (growth plate). The epiphysis is filled with red bone marrow, which produces erythrocytes (red blood cells).

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What is the main function of the Diaphysis?

structure in bones …region of the bone (diaphysis) is the most clearly tubular. At one or commonly both ends, the diaphysis flares outward and assumes a predominantly cancellous internal structure. This region (metaphysis) functions to transfer loads from weight-bearing joint surfaces to the diaphysis.