$53,000 is put in an invest account the grows at a fixed rate of 2% (compound growth) per year. Just how much is in the account after 4 years? Round your answer come the nearest whole number.

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Although establishments are often connected with a physical representative (like the supreme Court building), the significance of an college is a collection of expectations and also that form the in i m sorry .
Two countries agree to lower import tariffs on selected goods. (international trade)A country loosens its constraints on foreign-based soil ownership. (flow of funds across national borders)A nation permits exclusive firms to complete with the state-owned letter service. (competitive markets)
Apply the correct brand to each level of funding investment on the accumulation production role to highlight one the the crucial implications that the Solow model.
K1: highest marginal product;K2: very first sign the diminishing returnsK3: economy approaching steady state
Assuming the blue production role (F1) is the early state of a country"s economy, click the production duty after a surging in the nation"s modern technology sector, for instance, due to government funding.

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At one time, diplomats in brand-new York could not it is in punished in any means for parking violations. 2 sociologists learned violation patterns and concluded the diplomats from some nations obtained tickets far an ext often 보다 diplomats from various other nations.Which nations" diplomats generally committed parking violations? which nations" diplomats committed an extremely few?
The production role F2 deserve to be stood for in equation type by Y = A × F(natural resources, human capital, physical capital).For any type of nonzero level of capital inputs (K), the calculation from F2 is much more than the calculation for F1.
national highway device (physical capital)tourist-friendly coastal waters (natural resources)workers experienced at various handicrafts (human capital)
an assembly line regulate system (technology)a worker who has actually been trained to service an electron microscope (human capital)a method of extracting safe and clean water indigenous the s (technology)a factory team that together builds smartphones (human capital)