There are so many hair braiding patterns that room in heavy rotation. Almost everywhere you turn, someone is sporting one of the best braided hairstyles ever. The watch we have actually on ours radar in ~ the minute is curly braids. We love exactly how women are styling this look utilizing wet and also wavy braiding hair.

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This type of braiding hair might feel old school to some, many of us have the right to remember gaining our hair braided v wet and also wavy hair throughout our teenage years, but think it or not, it’s no as trendy as you think. It’s an ext of a classic. This form of hair can be styled so countless different methods that job-related for any type of season or reason. Us highlight various ways you can wear wet and wavy braiding hair below:

Wet and also Wavy Braiding Hair: 3 Stylish means to undertake the Look

1. Wet and Wavy Braiding Hair Afro Style

Flaunt the look v a voluminous afro.

If you desire to go for a curly afro style, her stylist will simply braid your hair v the extensions at the roots and also leave the ends free. For volume, you can ask to have actually a lot of hair set up or you have the right to just separate with waves to develop a voluminous and fluffy look. If girlfriend ever uncover that her hair looks dull, you can use a bright serum like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth light Serum to add shine.

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2. Wet and also Wavy Braiding Hair through Headband

Jazz up your look through a stylish headband

Give her look a quick and also stylish update through the usage of hair accessories. We love this headband look. Once wearing a headband with any kind of box braids, think about using choices that are made through soft fabrics. You want to prevent any kind of tension top top the roots of her braids. Give your format a bump of volume v some dry shampoo choose Love Beauty and also Planet Murumuru Butter & increased Dry Shampoo.


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3. Wet and also Wavy Updo

Pull the up right into a an easy ponytail style.

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Last but not least is the updo! You deserve to wear this in ~ night to keep your braided look while friend sleep, or you deserve to wear it the end an about as a style. Come recreate this look, merely gather her braids up right into a loose ponytail and loop your braids in halfway. The goal is for the wavy ends of her hair come cascade follow me your crown. While your hair is up, might too give your roots and also your scalp part love by applying some RE-Fresh Eucalyptus + Cooling Relief Scalp detox Spray prior to creating her updo.