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Born 3 years after the finish of the Civil War, Du Bois experienced the imposition of Jim Crow, its defeat by the Civil Rights Movement and also the triumph of Afrideserve to self-reliance struggles. Du Bois was the consummate scholar-activist whose path-breaking functions reprimary among the most significant and also articulate ever developed on the subject of race. His contributions and tradition have actually been so far-reaching, that this, his first film biography, compelled the cooperation of four influential Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to writers. Wesley Brown, Thulani Davis, Toni Cade Bambara and Amiri Baraka narrate succeeding durations of Du Bois" life and talk about its affect on their work-related. Part One: Black Folk and also the New Century (1895-1915) Du Bois" first sociological work-related, The Philadelphia Negro, and, even more, The Souls of Babsence Folk, examined the cultural and also political psychology of the American Afrideserve to Diaspora. Throughout the same period, racism was institutionalized under the Jim Crow mechanism. Du Bois arised as the the majority of outspoken doubter of Booker T. Washington"s advocacy of accommodation to segregation. He co-established the Niagara Movement and also then the NAACP to agitate for complete etop quality between blacks and whites. Part Two: The Situation and also the New Negro (1919-1929) Du Bois produced the NAACP"s magazine, The Situation, which became an essential body organ in the burgeoning Afrihave the right to Amerihave the right to cultural movement, the Harlem Renaissance. Du Bois additionally was a founder of the Pan African activity, arranging the first worldwide congresses of leaders from Africa and the Diaspora. Part Three: A 2nd Reconstruction? (1934-1948) Dismissed from the editorship of The Crisis for his radical views, Du Bois was compelled to resume his academic career at age 68. It was now the Depression and also he came to be even more open to leftist belief as reflected in his magnum opus, Black Rebuilding and construction. Part Four: Color, Democracy, Colonies and also Peace (1949-1963) Du Bois" continuing anti-racist activism and prospering leftist sympathies made him a target throughout the McCarthy years. He was indicted and also for a time his passport was revoked. In 1961, Kwame Nkrumah, the president of the newly independent African state of Ghana, invited him to take part in that country"s development; Du Bois accepted, living tright here for the remainder of his life.
PRICING College/Corporation/Gov"t Agency DVD + 3-Year Site/Local Streaming License $295.00DVD + 3-Year Site/Local Streaming High Schools, Public Libraries, HBCU & Qualifying Community Organization Discounted DVD License Without Streaming Rights $69.95DVD Home Video Licensing Not Available For This Title Select a license and format and also click "Add" OTHER DIGITAL OPTIONS Alexander Street Press-Single title subscriptions Kanopy-Single title subscriptions Please location all digital subscription and rental orders directly through those companies. CRITICAL COMMENT "An absolutely significant job! Your film on Du Bois nears perfection . . . A resonantly full occupational of art. I can not imagine that Du Bois himself would certainly not weep in gratitude upon seeing the work-related." Houston A. Baker Jr., College of Pennsylvania "Scholar, activist, father of Pan-Africanism, founder of the twentieth-century struggle for civil civil liberties, W.E.B. Du Bois succeeds in catching this remarkable male and also his definition. It will certainly enlighten anyone - student scholar or general viewer - fortunate sufficient to watch it." Eric Foner, Columbia College "Sets a new conventional for documentary film. The brilliance of interpretation and also historical breadth make it a fitting tribute to the man whom I believe is the many vital intellectual of our century." Robin D. G. Kelley, New York University "One of the essential devices for teaching about the great Dr. Du Bois...Hearing this the majority of self-reflective of males speaking in his own voice about the interpretation of the main occasions of his life is at once profoundly moving and also a resource of insight." K. Anthony Appiah, Harvard College "A beautiful and also relocating epic - not just about a brilliant and vital figure however around the battle of a world in the 20th century...Will make a wonderful teaching tool.

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