This song is a cover, initially performed through Dusty Springfield top top a single from 1963.The text are around being in love v someone and also describing her feelings for… check out More 

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I don't recognize what it is that provides me love girlfriend soI just knew I never want come let girlfriend goYou began something, can't friend see?And ever because we met, you've had actually a hold on meIt happens to be trueI just wanna be v youIt doesn't really issue what you speak or doI desire to spend each moment, any type of day with youLook what has happened with simply one kissI never knew that I can be in love prefer thisIt's crazy however it's trueI just wanna be through youI don't know what that is that makes me love you soI only knew I never want to let you goYou began something, can't girlfriend see?And ever due to the fact that we met, you've had actually a organize on me

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It happens to it is in trueI only wanna be with youYou stopped and also smiled in ~ meAnd request me if i cared to danceI fell into your open up armsAnd ns didn't was standing a chanceNow, hear honeyI simply want come be beside you everywhereAs long as we're together, honey, i don't care'Cause you started something, can't friend see?And ever due to the fact that we met, you've had a hold on meIt wake up to be trueI only wanna be through youNo issue what you doI just wanna be with you
This track is a cover, originally performed by Dusty Springfield ~ above a single from 1963.

The lyrics are around being in love with someone and describing your feelings for them.

We were about to have actually our very first show in a bar in Copenhagen and also we had actually our very own material however we want to perform a tune that world knew since we would certainly be singing down in the bar v songs the nobody had heard of, so maybe we should just do a sheathe song. It simply came together very organically in the rehearsal room. I just Want to Be through You is something ns heard as a child and also it’s such an impressive song videotaped by Dusty Springfield. (…) hers is better. Five yeah yeah, ours is heavy though. Once we did the cover, we looked at each other and also said, ‘Wow, this is fairly good. Let’s just do it!’ it’s a an excellent love song and it’s a tune that everybody to know somehow.