We've tested even more than 30Vizio TVs. Vizio supplies compelling performance ineach price bracket their products cover. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers, a lot of of their models released prior to 2018 lacked a tuner (making themunable to brand them as TVs). However, they now include it, so their recent models can officially be called TVs, and they tend to market great worth for many people.

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Competitively priced. For the same functions, Vizio TVs are priced exceptionally competitively, and also in some situations, are a number of hundred dollars cheaper than the competition. Great photo high quality in a dark room. All their higher-end and also mid-variety models have actually a full-array neighborhood dimming backlight, which helps to develop deep blacks. Very low input lag. All Vizio TVs we"ve tested have a really low input lag, which is excellent for gaming. Unpolished suffer. From firmware problems to a cheaper design/look, Vizio TVs feel favor they cut some corners. A lot of the problems are inevitably fixed via firmware updays, however not every one of them. Sub-par upscaling. Low-high quality content favor DVDs or SD networks doesn"t look as sharp as it does on other brands. HDR experience leaves a lot to be desired. Unmuch less you"re acquiring the flagship LED TVs, you most likely won"t gain a satisfying HDR endure. Their low-to-mid-range TVs do not gain bideal sufficient to make highlights pop.

Vizio vs Samsung

Vizio high-finish TVs perdevelop exceptionally similarly to Samsung TVsbut are usually priced very competitively. Some human being could not favor Vizio's SmartCast platdevelop, which functions just prefer Google's Chromeactors. However before, Samsung TVs are even more functional as soon as it comes to having actually alternatives with wide viewing angles, and also they tend to get brighter.

Vizio vs Sony

Unlike Sony, Vizio uses inexpensive entry-level TVs through great worth. Sony TVs are typically brighter and have more polish in their construction. Plus, their Google-based smart features encompass Vizio's Chromecast capabilities and also more. Sony TVs are generally more expensive,though, and they don't have as many type of gaming functions as Vizio.

Overall, Vizio TVs are exceptionally well-priced and have good picture top quality. They don't have the high-finish feel as some various other brands, and also they market great value for the price, yet their OS deserve to feel laggy and also tbelow are frequently a ton of bugs associated through their TVs. Tbelow are better gaming TVs out there, however if you're a fan of watching movies in dark rooms and also don't need the added perks, you can't go wrong with a Vizio.


Vizio's lineup is sensibly straightforward, asthey have actually extremely few models, but they have made some alters that deserve to be a little bit confmaking use of. Their entry-level 4k TV is known as the V Series, replacingthe previous D and E Series TVs from previous years, which are currently 1080p or lower alternatives. Moving up, they have actually the mid-array M Series Quantum, P Series Quantum, and also ultimately, the flagship P Series Quantum X. Often, it's unclear from the model name which year it's from unmuch less it's mentioned, yet the design codes make it a bit more clear. For instance, the 2021 TVs usage J in the design code, and also those from 2020 have actually H (M65Q7-J01 is a 2021 TV, while the M65Q-H1 is 2020).

Vizio Smart Features

Vizio TVs run the SmartCast platform, which is incredibly basic and also has actually an extremely limited selection of apps and it doesn't have actually an app save. Instead, it'srelying on its capability to get apps that are actors from your smart device. While the platform is functional and also has significantly grown in support from application devices, Vizio’s implementation is much from perfect. The SmartCast application Vizio offers to accessibility content and also adjustsettings isn't the fastest and also the majority of secure, and also not every little thing is available for spreading.



SmartCast currently features a much more typical home display screen. Apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are obtainable, as well as featured links to content discovered on the virtual TV business Pluto TV. Unfortunately, there's no app save, and apps are not actually mounted on the TV; they're web links to web-based interfaces.

Vizio's enhanced the set of options you have the right to adjust from the TV itself. Nowadays, you don't should touch the SmartCast app at all to gain the TV going correctly, and also also finish calibration settings are available on the on-display screen menus (however, we carry out recommfinish utilizing the app for even more comprehensive calibration since it's a lot even more reliable for making many adjustments).


For many years Vizio stayed among the few brands left to not market their interface to advertisers. However before, we noticed with the Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2021 and Vizio V5 Series 2021 that there's now argued content on the house page.

Apps & Features


Current Vizio TVs don't have actually an app save, and there's no way to include additional apps. The contained apps cover many kind of of the even more famous solutions, however it might not be sufficient for some world, especially if you count on streaming services instead of a standard TV organization.

Voice Controls

Vizio finally included assistance for voice controls through the release of their 2021 TVs that come with the new remote (view below). It's pretty standard and not as advanced as other brands, but you deserve to still ask it to change inputs and open up apps, however you can't ask it to search for certain content in apps.



Vizio released a brand-new remote through their 2021 models. It's stripped-down compared to the past versionas it lacks a Numpad, however you still gain the short buttons to famous streaming services. It's not too big, however it's exceptionally fundamental, and it doesn't have backlighting.

Remote App


The Vizio remote app is good. It supports all functions of the remote, and also have the right to even be provided to enter text right into some apps, which is rare. The TV's settings have the right to additionally be regulated and changed directly in the application, including the TV's calibration. This can now be done on the TV itself, but due to the sluggish interconfront, it's commonly quicker to readjust the settings via the remote app.

Knvery own Issues

The SmartCast platdevelop isn't the a lot of versatile, and it have the right to be exceptionally slow-moving. On 2020models, we've encountered a couple of bugs with the settings, so it can be frustrating periodically. Vizio is mainly pretty excellent with software updates, though, and hopetotally, a lot of of these problems will certainly be fixed.

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Recent Updates

Aug 18, 2021: Reput the Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2020 via the Vizio V5 Series 2021; recalled the Vizio OLED 2020 and also P Series Quantum X 2020 to "Best OLED" and also "Best LED" respectively; updated the smart functions section.

May 20, 2021: Reinserted the Vizio P Series Quantum 2020 with the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2020 as "Best Vizio TV For Gaming".

Feb 19, 2021: Updated message for clarity; no changes to picks.


In basic, Vizio TVs have great picture quality for their price. They aren't as well-polished as the major brands' supplying, however they have actually among the ideal worths for the money that you deserve to acquire. Their smart platform leaves a lot to be desired, though, and also some civilization could desire to take into consideration upgrading to a set-peak box likea Roku or NVIDIA Shield TV.