The Oscar de la Renta alumni reinterpret standard shirting for the debut arsenal from their brand-new label, Monse.

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With A-list celebrities choose Sarah Jessica Parker and also Amal Clooneycounted together loyal fansevenbefore the an initial looks were unveiled on the runway, expectations have actually been high because that Laura Kim and also Fernando Garcia\"s brand-new line, Monse—and the former Oscar de la Renta designers ceded with professional talent and finesse. Illustration on their merged 18 years working directly with de la Renta, Kim and also Garcia applied the legendary designer\"s signature elegance and also attention to high quality in a method that feels completely fresh and all their own. In ~ the facility of their debut repertoire is the standard shirt, reimagined and also reinterpreted v a calm sensibility and effortless sex appeal the is perfectly suited to the modern woman.

HB: just how did you pertained to work because that Oscar de la Renta? What make you decision to branch the end on her own?

Laura Kim: ns was his intern because that one year, and also I to be helping his son who was launching his very own line thirteen years ago and Oscar observed the sketches his son lugged to show him, and also Oscar actually offered me a job.

Fernando Garcia:I hada common friend—FrankRainieri—who after ~ I i graduated from style school to be nice sufficient to have Oscar check out my sketches, and he called me come come to new York ideal after mine graduation and also I started interning and also then I obtained a job.

HB:What influence has your background in ~ Oscar de la Renta had actually on the Monse line?

LK: we know just how to make garments the way they should be made. We have great resources, too. As soon as we left us asked Oscar and our CEO if we were permitted to occupational with them and they were an extremely happy to assistance us. And that was great—that was like, the ideal thing ever. Ns learned how to occupational with a many of different people, i beg your pardon Oscar yes, really taught me. And also Alex Bolen teach me how to see fashion together a business, so i took a lot far from that experience.

FG: Ditto!

HB:Tell me about the type of womanyou envision wearing your designs.

FG: She\"s a bit much more relaxed, she\"s sexy. She\"s no afraid that graphic elements in clothing. Us love stripes, us love bold colors. But it\"s for every ages. You deserve to have your Tali Lennoxes, her Lauren Santo Domingos, her Beatrix Osts—all these women space women who inspire us. They\"re every free-spirited and also confident and also take risks.

HB:What to be your catalyst for this debut collection?

FG: We believed as a young brand we needed to have actually a product that was relatable for a customer that doesn\"t understand our name—so we reinterpreted the shirt. The shirt is the starting point and the ending. We made that from day to evening, native affordable fabrics to luxe fabrics, and merchandised the accordingly.

LK: It\"s prefer a sexy boyfriend shirt, but made into various dress shapes and beyond.

HB:What perform you think Oscar de la Rentawould to speak or think that it?

FG: He would certainly be thrilled because that us, due to the fact that we are at that allude in our lives where we\"re prepared to expand and grow on ours own and take his lessons and also make the proud.

Sarah LindigSenior Digital Editor, special ProjectsSarah Lindig is the senior digital editor, overseeing special tasks for Harper\"s Bazaar.

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