In honor of Tim Burton"s Alice with the spring Glass, urban Decay"s release a limited-edition collection inspired by the visually intriguing film. Featuring five fantastical lip shades from metallized blue come shimmering violet, and also 20 all-new eyeshadow colour you"d most most likely find an altering shapes in a children"s kaleidoscope, the line is trippy, quirky, and also a little, well, mad — in the best feasible way.

Check out just how we"re attract the complete collection as we mix and match eyeshadow shades through the line"s lipsticks.

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Urban degeneration Alice with the feather Glass Eyeshadow Palette


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What: To label Johnny Depp"s interpretation of the character together warped would be an understatement. Tim Burton"s Mad baht is much less cooky 보다 the cartoon persona, but what he lacks in humor, he makes up for in craze. An noticeable play ~ above Hatter"s colorful threads, the light purple hue is bright and also shiny come amp up her smile.

Wear: Mad hatter is definitely not other you"d intend to wear native day come day. Conserve the orchid for out-of-office tasks like a music festival or rave.

How: The the shade is surprisingly subtle for a violet hue, so why no go all out and take on the chromatic eye? begin by shading lids with imperial Flush"s shimmering beige together a base, complied with by a reduced crease with Metamorphosis"s periwinkle blue. Smoke it out v Gone Mad"s eggplant the shade or swap because that Dream On"s metallic purple if friend prefer an ext glitz and glam.

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What: Channeling the dark next of Wonderland, The White Queen"s deep plum resembles a deep, coco berry. The moody shade can not it is in farther from this Queen"s calm, pro-pacifistic lifestyle, yet the irony of that all provides us even more of an incentive to make the purchase due to the fact that after all, "bad" girls space really just great with one edge.

Wear: With summer months drawing near, you can be retiring dark hues until fall. Swim against the stream and keep Mirana together a nighttime staple, or undertake on your Starbucks run to yes, really embody the coffee-house-meets-cool-girl tag.

How: We have alternatives here. First, rocker chic is calling our name, and it"s practically impossible to stand up to the temptation to walk full-on edgy. Experiment with different techniques prefer the smokey eye or gradient impact with shades choose Mirror (gray-taupe), Chronosphere (deep bronze), Salazen Grum (metallic crimson), and also Time (black-navy). If you favor to balance everything out, rod with simple hues the can conveniently be dolled up like Dormouse (warm brown), Chessboard (medium brown), and Duchess (peachy pink). Whichever friend choose, opt because that a cat-eye. Always.

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What: Time is chasing after every one of us, however if Time simply so wake up to it is in in the form of denim lipstick packed v a ton the metallic pigment, us just can let it catch up to us. It uses creamy, looks shiny, and will have actually you feeling sort of punky.

Wear: Some blue lip colors are too bold because that daylight. Urban Decay"s navy hue would be one of them. Swipe on because that a concert series, or leisurely undertake at house just since you can.

How: Blues pair well with purple and also brown, so take full benefit of Dormouse, Kingdom, Chronosphere, and Dream On, unable to do Mad, and Metamorphosis.