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It\"s not just about setting the correct pressure and also reading her altimeter...

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1) suggested Altitude

Let\"s begin with the easiest - suggested altitude is merely the altitude girlfriend read directly off your altimeter. If uncorrected for pressure changes, your altimeter won\"t be an extremely useful.

2) pressure Altitude

When you set your altimeter come 29.92, you\"re paris at standard push altitude. This is the altitude of the aircraft above the standard datum plane, the theoretical location where at 15 levels Celsius the altimeter setting will same 29.92 inch of mercury. Countless of the calculations you\"ll uncover in your POH require expertise of what pressure altitude you\"ll be paris at.

All plane flying above 18,000 feet MSL are required to collection their altimeters come 29.92 inches Hg. This method that all plane flying in the trip levels will have actually the same altimeter setting.

3) thickness Altitude

Density altitude is push altitude corrected for non-standard temperature. Currently that summer is practically here, you probably noticed your plane not performing as well. That\"s since with warm temperatures, thickness altitude increases and your airplane \"feels\" favor it\"s paris at a greater altitude.

Less air mass flow over your wings avoids you from generate as much lift, and also less oxygen fixed in your cylinders stays clear of you from burning as much fuel, an interpretation less power. Diminish air thickness decreases performance, so be careful on hot days at high altitudes.

4) True Altitude

True altitude is the vertical distance of your airplane over sea level. Commonly expressed together \"feet MSL\" (feet above mean sea level), countless of the airspace altitudes, terrain figures, airways, and obstacles you\"ll discover on aeronautical charts are expressed in true altitude (MSL), feet over sea level.

5) absolute Altitude

Constantly changing, absolute altitude is the street measurement of her airplane over the ground. Express in \"feet AGL\" (above floor level), friend can also find many obstacles and airspace classifications that exist in feet above the ground.

A radar altimeter (or radio altimeter) actions altitude above the terrain presently beneath an aircraft by timing how long that takes a beam that radio tide to reflect indigenous the ground and return come the plane. Radar altimeters typically give readings as much as 2,500 feet AGL.

Easy enough, right?

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