Idiomatically, something along the currently of "mesh" would occupational in the place of "go together," as the word"s intake as a verb according to Oxford is:


1. (of the this of a gearwheel) be engaged with another gearwheel.

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‘one gear meshes v the intake gear’

1.1 make or become entangled or entwined.

‘their fingers meshed’

‘I don"t desire to gain meshed in the weeds’

1.2 be in or lug into harmony.

‘her memory of occasions doesn"t mesh v the world about her’

In your (particularly unappealing) case, i think the 2nd bolded verb an interpretation would it is in applicable, and something follow me the currently of "while pancakes and ketchup are delicious on their own, lock don"t mesh well" would most likely work. Expect this is of help!

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answered Apr 20 "17 in ~ 9:23

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You have the right to say the pancakes and also ketchup perform not go well together.

From the Oxford jonathanlewisforcongress.com Dictionary:

to go together

Of two or more things: to be mutually compatible, concomitant, or complementary. Likewise of a thing: to it is in concomitant or concurrent with another.

Compare the comment by Drew:

They don"t go with each other well.

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