This homework is DUE on Feb 26. Please send this homework in class, every TA’s request. Give thanks to you. All materials are from chapter 6 that Shigley’s.

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Images for difficulties are taken from Shigley’s (9th edition).

Problem 1 (10 Points)

A stole rotating-beam test specimen has an ultimate strength of 120 ksi. Estimate the life the the specimen if it tested at a fully reserved stress amplitude of 70 ksi.

Problem 2 (10 Points)

Two steels room being taken into consideration for produce of as-forged connecting rods based on bending loads. One is AISI 4340 Cr-Mo-Ni steel qualified of being heat-treated to a tensile strength of 260 ksi. The other is a level carbon stole AISI 1040 v a ultimate strength of 113 ksi. Each rod is to have actually a size providing an identical diameter the 0.75 in. Recognize the endurance limit for every material. Is over there any advantage to utilizing the alloy stole for this exhaustion application?

Problem 3 (20 Points)

A 1-in-diameter solid ring bar has a groove 0.1-in deep with a 0.1-in radius machined right into it. The bar is make of AISI 1020 CD steel and is subjected to a completely reversing torque of 1800 lb-in. Because that the S-N diagram of this material, let f=0.9.

Estimate the variety of cycles to failure.

If the bar is likewise placed in an environment with a temperature of 750 F, calculation the variety of cycles come failure.

Problem 4 (20 Points)

A rectangle-shaped bar is reduced from one AISI 1020 cold-drawn steel flat. The bar is 2.5 in large by 3/8 in thick and also has a 0.5-in diameter hole drilled through the center. The bar is concentrically invited in push-pull tiredness by axial pressures \(F_a\), uniformly distributed across the width. Using a architecture factor that 2, estimate the largest force \(F_a\) that have the right to be used (ignore buckling).

Problem 5 (20 Points)

A solid ring bar through diameter that 2 in has a groove cut to a diameter the 1.8in, through a radius that 0.1in. The bar is not rotating. The bar is loaded with a recurring bending fill that causes the bending minute to fluctuate between 0 and also 25000lb-in. The bar is hot-rolled AISI 1095, yet the groove has been machined. Recognize the element of security for fatigue based upon infinite life making use of the amendment Goodman criterion, and the variable of safety for yielding.

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Problem 6 (20 Points)

The cold-drawn AISI 1040 stole bar displayed in the number is subjected to an axial load fluctuating between 0kN and also 28kN. Estimate the fatigue variable of safety based upon achieving unlimited life utilizing modified Goodman criterion and also the yielding aspect of safety. If limitless life is no predicted, estimate the number of cycles to failure.


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