Is amplified Queue on the docket because that an upgrade soon, or room we doomed come shuffle our queues the old-fashioned way? I miss it so.

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You’ve to be able come shuffle her queue without XKit since 9th October. The switch is under your queue setups on her queue pages:



This is since dash-only blogs cannot return any type of API data, i m sorry Timestamps depends on. Different Timestamps does not use any type of API requests and also thus will occupational on dash-only blog on the dashboard, but has not yet been updated to occupational on blog sidebars (”peepr”).

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hello again! i’m the firefox 58.0.1 (64-bit) anon. Ns still don’t think i’m doing the right because when i visited that link, this is what i saw:

.hopefully that attach works if no please let me know!

Hi again - it looks prefer it’s a problem with her adblocker (or your link - difficult to tell). Shot force-updating the blocklists that AdBlock Plus offers (right-click the ABP icon, climate Settings/Options, then upgrade Now) periodically, since any type of blocks come GitHub are constantly temporary. In the case that it’s your connection, there’s not much you can do except wait. Either way, this have to go away by itself in time.

Generally, we additionally recommend uBlock origin over AdBlock Plus. It appears to cause less problems, is faster, and can use tradition ABP filters if you have actually any!

mod april brand-new xkit reply also - if you wanted to submit anonymously you might have done via exclusive browsing it asks for her email resolve but just we obtain to view that entry
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Anonymous asked:

once I shot to use "View on Dash", I acquire this message: "View on Dash encoutered one error. Can not to review JSON received from API calls. Please try again later. Error Code: VOD-235." This is the only extension I"m having a trouble with and it"s continue on both Chrome and also Firefox. I"ve trie to upgrade the browser, turn off other browser apps and reset the extension. Naught works.

Thanks for informing us about this - we’ve simply fixed it with View top top Dash0.7.12! allow us recognize if anything rather goes wrong.

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Anonymous asked:

Sorry, realized i didn"t word the well: I"m talking around one"s own following list. I have actually a difficulty with coincidentally unfollowing civilization on mobile, and also I can"t was standing wondering if there are blogs I"ve shed over the years to it. Completely agreed on not making an unfollow tracker. Still, answers the concern :) many thanks for the info!

This is a lot an ext understandable, but unfortunately the same anti-abuse etiquette uses - a following tracker might be used to monitor who has actually blocked or softblocked you, something we certainly don’t want to provide anyone an alert of.

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Anonymous asked:

hi! i"m obtaining an error blog post saying that xkit can"t update itself. Github is supposedly working as it should; i observed that there had recently been part issues, but, from what i have the right to see, they"ve been solved for about 10 minutes now. I can"t accessibility the github pages site. Ns don"t acquire an error blog post or anything, it simply never loads. I"m top top the newest version of firefox, if that helps any. Thank you because that the help!

A few users space reporting this issue, and also given that there to be confirmed difficulties with GitHub today, ours advice is just to wait that out. Whatever should be fine soon, probably by morning at the latest.

Do not attempt come reinstall brand-new XKit.

If you acquire update failure notifications or cannot pack the extension gallery, installation willfail too.

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Anonymous asked:

hi this could be super the end of the way, but by any kind of chance perform you watch the emails that the jonathanlewisforcongress.coms/chrome file that have the xkit extension? ns ask due to the fact that I"m trying to retrieve an e-mail from an old account. Again I recognize this is a large reach, but I figured ns might as well ask since I still have xkit ~ above this chrome account, even if it is or no I"m actually signed in to

Nope, Google doesn’t tell us that, and also we don’t have any automated data repertoire functions.

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It’s to be doing this for 2 days. Yet github is up. Exactly how do I solve it?

Please refer to this post.

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Anonymous asked:

ns can"t reblog generally either through the OCP04. I left that part out accidentally. Sorry. I also don"t think that i have any of those browser extensions that you mentioned.

Could you try disabling every your various other extensions, restarting her browser, and also seeing if it functions then?

If it does, re-enable lock one-by-one to pick out the culprit, and also tell us what that is for this reason we deserve to advise others.

If that doesn’t, all we deserve to advise you to do is call support - if girlfriend can’t reblog anything once you have no internet browser extensions then it’s out of our hands.

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Anonymous asked:

~ your deal with on firefox, I can reblog only one short article with one-click postage. After the I obtain the error OCP10. If ns refresh the page, I have the right to reblog an additional post and also then it provides me the exact same error through the next ones.

Hi! many thanks for reporting this - there to be a small oversight in the 6.11.0 code which we’ve currently corrected in XKit patches 6.11.1.