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Hey Guys,I recently had actually an possibility to find and also purchase a Troy sectors Mini-14 MCS Chassis at a pretty decent price. Ns had constantly wanted to transform my Mini-14 come a pistol fixed configuration v other options such together the ATI, Tapco, servant Creek and Sparta stocks. But stumbled top top this trojan MCS chassis, so i jumped top top it. Being the this is a Ruger forums any type of opinions or feedback, rather an unfavorable or optimistic would be considerably appreciated. Personally I like the as whole look the the rifle, but the many notable drawback i noticed is the added weight to the rifle. Unfortunately, i did not have actually a possibility to shoot the rifle through the new chassis yet however will provide updates when I carry out so. Here are some prior to & after pics:


Like the looks of the original rife best. If I want an AR watch I would rather have an AR end the Mini 14.
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your Friend


Like the looks of the initial rife best. If I want an AR look I would rather have an AR over the Mini 14.
Me too, I choose the look at of the initial Mini-14. If you want an AR buy or build one. I looked, they space not limited in Hawaii, uneven it is a pistol.

Looks pretty an excellent but it additionally looks favor its an ext then just a share swap process. Ns see different sights and also such on it, comparable to what the Archangel stock does. I favor to have the ability to easily swap the stocks out for different looks, and also I can do that with the ATI one i have. Right now I have actually the original wood stock, an Hogue overmolded, and also an ATI tactical and swapping between them is very simple.

Looks good! I"m no sure how much more the trojan stock weighs end my Sage stock but a good score in any type of case.

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- XD9 Tactical (FDE), XD9sc, XD45c- M1A enlightenment in FDE Vltor stock- Para Ordnance: Warthog in .45- Mossberg 12ga tactical, 20" barrel- Ruger 10/22, Mini 14 (580 series), Mini-30 (581 series), GSR .308- Saiga 7.62 restored, Mosin Nagant 91/30, M92 & M85 PAP- Sig Sauer: 516, 716- Walther P22: Dessert Camo & Pink (both space for the kids)- Sporting eight Cricket: black & Pink for the kids- Glock Gen III: G17, G19 (Gen IV), G26, G30s
The real inquiry is how do you like it after friend have had actually a chance to shooting it and handle it opponent a while? Let us know. Personally, perfer mine mini"s dressed up in the smell of a M-1 or M-14 to celebrate that Garand action. Although ns don"t psychic hanging part tactical accessories choose a reconnaissance rail top top them, ns basically like them the means they are.AR"s room AR"S and Mini"s are Mini"s and neither the two shall meet.But, it"s her gun, therefore you get to do it the method you prefer it. And, that"s what renders America great.
I too prefer the watch of your original Mini 14 not saying your brand-new stock construction won"t work. But yes that looks favor a Mini 14 trying come copy a AR15. I would simply either build or purchase a AR15. Personal I choose a Mini14 not that AR15"s aren"t nice yet I guess: v to every his own!
I love it! ns went through the wood stock since I want a " black color rifle" in a brown rifle skin however I am constantly looking for tweaker stocks and other configurations come play with. I wanted something in 223/556 because that a SHTF situation and also I to trust the integrity of the Mini end the AR and also the ability to chomp thru steel through ease compared to the AR top top my budget is a large PLUS!! . I want my hardwood Stock for the "LADY on mine Arm" yet a Freak in the bed too with another configuration choose a Choate, Troy, servant Creek, or EBR!!! perform what you want!!! If ns buy a 600 $ stock because that an $ 800 reliable rifle that cares!!! i may simply buy a $120 Choate and shot a little self modification! execute your thing!!! i hear all the time "Don"t damage your Norinco SKS, Tapco 20 rounders suck, agree Mag 30 and also 40 rounders space unreliable however I have actually 3000 fail complimentary rounds on mine Norinco "BUBBA PARATROOPER" ns purchased 3 years back and it"s as specific as I have the right to shoot!!!!