The TOA 900 series are widely known as the market standard in installed sound mechanism amplification.


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The TOA 900 collection are widely well-known as the sector standard in installed sound system amplification. As soon as reliability and also performance are an important - such together in paging and also music circulation for airport, hospital, and also industrial sound solution - you have the right to count top top the TOA 900 collection to execute consistently, day-in and also day-out. The 120W A-912MK2 is engineered because that high performance with vast frequency response, an extremely low noise and also distortion, and also excellent output regulation.

The A-912MK2 Mixer power Amplifier controls and mixes approximately eight independent input signals. The Mixer power Amplifier delivers up to 120 watt of output power. Optional plug-in modules are available for use with mixer strength amplifier to provide versatility for a wide selection of operating applications.

The A-912MK2 attributes eight module slots that enable you to conveniently customize your device by selecting from end fifty TOA plug-in modules with comprehensive array that features and also connector types. You can increase the input volume by connecting a second mixer or mixer / amplifier to the rear-panel leg In / the end jack.

Outputs incorporate transformer diverted 25V and 70V plus a direct 8Ω low-impedance mode if non-transformer procedure is required. Multiple paging top priorities are quickly configured utilizing optional mute-type modules caused by external switch-closure or mute-send modules. Pre-Out / Power-In jacks permit connection of exterior signal processing between the mixer and amplifier sections. Other features incorporate protection circuitry, assistant output, base / treble controls and remote grasp volume terminals. The 900 series Mixer / Amplifiers room UL and also cUL detailed and carry a five-year warranty.

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Volume manage cover (YA-920) x4


Modular 8-channel mixer / amplifier because that paging, lift / foreground music distribution, and also music / message on holdWide frequency response, really low noise and distortion, and also excellent output regulation120 Watts8 slot accept any mix of TOA plug-in modules25V, 70V, and also 8Ω transformer-isolated speak outputs


Type: 8-channel mixer power amplifierPower Requirement: AC mains, 120V, 60HzPower Consumption: 180WOutput Power: 120W RMSPower band Width: (D) 20 〜 20,000Hz, 0.5% THD, (T) 50 〜 20,000Hz, 0.5% THDFrequency Response:(D) 20 〜 20,000Hz, ±1dB(T) 20 〜 15,000Hz, ±1dB, (T) 20 〜 20,000Hz, +1dB, -3dBT.H.D: 0.02%
1kHz, rated outputInputs:Eight Input ports : Each harbor accepts any kind of input modules.One Bridging entry / OutputInput Sensitivity / Impedance Input port #1 to #8 : 100mV / 10kΩBridging entry / calculation : 100mV / 3.3kΩPreamp the end / power Amp IN: 1000mV right into 600Ω / 1000mV, 10kΩOutputs:(T) = Transformer: 8Ω, 25 and 70 volts, balanced, main (D)=Direct Main: 4Ω, unbalancedAux : 10kΩ, 1VOutput Regulation (1kHz):(D) less than 0.5dB, no load to complete load(T) much less than 1.0dB, no pack to full loadS / N ratio (Band happen 20 〜 20,000Hz) Tone defeat switch on; understand volume min: 90dBMaster volume max: 77dBPower amplifier only: 105dBTone Controls: bass : ±10dB
10kHzControls: 8 Input gain control, 1 Master acquire control, 1 bass control, 1 Treble control, 1 strength ON/OFF switch, 1 Tone loss switch, 1 Low-Cut switch (60Hz, 6dB / octave)Indicators: 1 strength LED, 1 safeguard LED, 1 Signal LED, 1 typical LED, 1 optimal LEDProtection: Self-protection, v AC fuse (inside)Connectors: input No.1 come No.8 : Card-edge connector, Bridging, Mixer preamp. Output, power amp. Input, Aux output: RCA phono jackOutput: Screw-terminal stripMute, far VR: Screw-terminal stripAC outlet: 3-pin ground connection typeAC strength cord/plug: SJT, 3-prong typeTemperature Range: -10℃ 〜 +60℃ (12°F 〜 140°F)Finish: BlackDimensions (W×H×D): 420 (16.54") × 99.1 (3.90") × 358mm (14.09")Weight: 11.4kgs (25.13lbs)

WARNING: Cancer and also Reproductive injury -


TOA L-01S TLine-Matching intake Module because that 900 series Amplifiers, Removable Terminal Block

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