Our app installs apps (or "tabs") to our users" Facebook organization Pages. Our code has been to run nicely for many years, but as is generally the case with Facebook, points break all the time. Because, well, Facebook.

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Some of our current installation attempts are now failing through an error blog post we"ve never seen before:

(#2069016) This page does not have permission to install custom tabAs much as Google is concerned, this stack Overflow question will it is in the an initial instance the that details error article on the internet... So, i don"t understand what come do.

Any think on what could be wrong?

For referral the page access tokens we"re using have the adhering to scopes (verified simply now):

user_friends, email, read_insights, publish_actions, manage_pages, pages_show_list, publish_pages, business_management, public_profile
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request Feb 8 "18 at 18:55


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According come the change log, this is a 90 day breaking change, https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/version2.11/#gapi-90-pages

/page/tabs — producing custom tabs with short article operations will just be available to Pages with 2000 or much more fans, or pages controlled by whitelisted apps. Existing custom tabs will certainly be unaffected.

90 job in relationship to the relax of API v2.11, which was on November 7, 2017 - for this reason you"re starting to check out the results now.

This sounds as though the page tab add dialog to be not affected (at least to me, I have not checked yet) - for this reason presenting your application users v the dialog could allow them to conveniently install the application on your pages themselves, maybe offer that a go. You can call it either via the JS SDK"s FB.ui, or by redirecting the user come https://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID &redirect_uri=YOUR_URL


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answered Feb 8 "18 in ~ 19:09

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As CBroe suggests, installation a web page tab using the redirect method still works.

Edit: sadly they"ve close up door this loophole too

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The page Tabs reference page states (emphasis added):

You deserve to only produce tabs on Pages that have 2000 or much more fans, or if you space an application developer v Admin privileges on those Pages.

So, if you"re in the fortunate instance in which you personally have actually admin accessibility to the page (e.g. You produced the page, the web page owner granted you admin access, etc.), then you have the right to still install apps even if it has fewer than 2000 fans.

I think this exception is noted to enable developers to, well, develop apps (duh). However, this same ability allows united state to install production apps to live pages.

Note: My endure with this workaround has actually been hit-and-miss. It constantly works because that me, however it doesn"t seem to job-related well for other devs in ~ our company. I have a concept for why this seems to it is in the case. Experimentation argues that over there may be an additional requirement - that looks like you might also need to have admin privileges top top the actual application (Page Tab) you"re attempting to install.

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answered Apr 13 "18 in ~ 19:34

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I have actually the very same problem yet I have detected the all the fanpages are blocked with less than 2000 pendant I like that this is a problem or that sometimes it can and does not have less 보다 that quantity of followers

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answer Feb 14 "18 at 18:02

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