A Thin Line Between Love and Hate is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . A Thin Line Between Love and Hate ended in 1970.

It features George Jackson (producer) as producer, Roger Troutman in charge of musical score, and Francis Kenny as head of cinematography.

Each episode of A Thin Line Between Love and Hate is 108 minutes long. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Lynn Whitfield as Brandi Web, Della Reese as Ma Wright, Tangie Ambrose as Nikki, Wendy Raquel Robinson as Gwen, Regina King as Mia Williams, Bobby Brown as Tee, and Roger E. Mosley as Smitty.

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate Quotes

Bobby Brown as Tee

(Unnamed) "But the time is expired." (Bobby Brown) "Hey, now, baby, the time -- you dealing with the time, now --" (Unnamed) "Uh, excuse me? Wait a minute, what is all this? Could you back up? Cause you are ALL in my space." (Bobby Brown) "I"m gonna do you a favor. I"m going to give you this. Chocolate City VIP, baby." (Unnamed) "Yeah, whatever. I have to go, all right?" (Bobby Brown) "Hey, write your number down on there. Write your number." (Unnamed) "Look, brah, the only number you"re getting is the number to the ticket office, all right? Cause I gots to GO. Step off." (Bobby Brown) "Hey, sweetheart, you ain"t gotta to be so mean." (Unnamed) "Whatever." (Bobby Brown) "You still look good. I"ll call you later."

Della Reese as Ma Wright

(Unnamed) "Clovis" little brother? Mama, you can"t let her go out with him. He macks more women than -- than --" (Della Reese) "The one I"m looking at right now?" (Della Reese) "It"s a thin line between love and hate." (Tangie Ambrose) "Nigger, you full of shit." (Wendy Raquel Robinson) "All your damn promises. Get out of my face." (Unnamed) "So, what"s up, Ma? You been watching the talk shows?" (Della Reese) "I don"t watch that junk. I"ve got enough trouble in my life already." (Della Reese) "I know you didn"t touch her, baby. I raised you better than that. The Lord must"ve been watching out over your stupid ass." (Unnamed) "Hey, I cut her off. She was into some crazy shit, mama. She was wild; buck wild."

Lynn Whitfield as Brandi Web

(Lynn Whitfield) "You know, a man just comes along and he buys us off a shelf. Then he plays. Plays with us until he thinks we"re no longer fun. Or until he gets us all dirty, right? Then he just wants to throw us away." (Lynn Whitfield) "You put your hands on the wrong woman." (Lynn Whitfield) "So tell me something, Darnell. You still the man? The main man? You know what you are? And I didn"t think so. You"re a dog. A mad dog, to be exact. And do you know what they do with mad dogs? I can"t hear you." (Unnamed) "No, what they do with mad dogs?" (Lynn Whitfield) "They shoot mad dogs." (Lynn Whitfield) "You can trust horses. They don"t let you down. People always let you down. Especially men." (Lynn Whitfield) "I don"t know what your selling -- but I"m not buying." (Lynn Whitfield) "I"m not going to shoot you. Not for myself, no.

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I"m going to shoot you for all women."

Regina King as Mia Williams

Tangie Ambrose as Nikki

(Tangie Ambrose) "Now, see what you need to be doing, Darnell, is taking care of me." (Unnamed) "Uh, now when did we establish that you were my woman?" (Tangie Ambrose) "When I opened my legs to you, baby. The contract was signed then."

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