You are trying to save the recovered data ~ above the same media from whereby you room recovering it. Please choose an additional location to conserve the files and software will not provide you this error anymore.

Software go not allow you to conserve the recovered documents on the exact same drive from where you are recovering it together it may lead to overwritten activity. As soon as overwritten activity is performed then data cannot be recovered by any means.

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So where carry out I conserve these files? i tried conserving them to One Drive and Google Drive with the very same message.


Joe Luca



Hi,We know the inconvenience led to to you.We would certainly request you to conserve recovered data on various drive which should be linked (via USB cable) v your system.Software will certainly not enable to conserve recovered data on very same drive (from which that is recovering data) as result of overwritten activity.For more assistance, you may submit ticket using listed below link so that our experts can aid you further:,Stellar Data Recovery

nowhere ~ above your website or during the purchase of her product, go it describe the i would have actually to attach to a different drive to retrieve my Data....You simply took the Money and also we the customer discover out once we go into our code ....that we need to use a different Drive.....That\"s Fraudulent......Please have actually someone email me ago ASAP....I will certainly be expecting a full refund


Jason Hughes


Abdul Majid

Dear Jason,Our element motive is to aid you in data recovery.Stellar software perform not permit to conserve the recovered data to same drive together it may cause overwritten activity. You re welcome follow our below mentioned post to get more information:

if save my papers to a outside drive, can i then move those records to the drive they were turned off from there is no corrupting or overwriting them?


Samantha Andrews

Hi Samantha,Yes, you might move the files to the exact same drive if you room able to open up them top top an external drive. The may lead to overwritten activity.In instance you will certainly face any kind of issue then affix with our expert by making use of the below link:,Stellar Data Recovery

It was not mentioned almost everywhere that files couldn\"t it is in recovered if top top the very same drive. A straightforward USB transaction could have to be done using any software, yet Stellar made the seem choose it was easier. Deserve to I recover files and place lock to mine dropbox?

Hi Laiba,As per our software application functionality, that does not allow to conserve recovered data in the same drive due to overwritten activity.Please use different drive which have to be linked physically with the mechanism (on which our software program installed) to save recovered data.For any kind of further assistance, please submit ticket come our experts using below link:,Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery stellar Data recovery is an easy to usage Windows recovery software application to get earlier lost documents, emails, photos, videos & many more from HDD, USB, Memory card etc.

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