King Robert’s wedding day lastly arrived on Sunday’s season finale that The Royals, presenting his household with the perfect possibility to reveal him in former of the whole world.

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Unfortunately, the setup — which was for willow to hijack the ceremony and announce that Robert brought about the blackout — hit a slight snag as soon as the bride decidednotto blow up her fiancé’s spot, picking instead come say her vows and also become the new Queen that England.

And the wasn’t the hour’s only huge surprise. In enhancement to Eleanor and also Jasper kinda-sorta obtaining engaged, the imperial Wedding also inspired Violet come re-enter the picture, much to Cyrus’ joyful disbelief. As for Kathryn, who appeared to have actually been carry away in the episode’s final moments, she’sgot a royal bun in the cooktop — however is it absolutely Liam’s?

Below, star wilhelm Moseley help make sense of the finale’s best twists, also sharing his think on Liam potentially ending up being a father:

WILLOW’S DECISION | “It certainly leaves a huge dot dot dot at the end of the season,” Moseley says of Willow’s selection to go rogue and actually get married Robert. “Her motivations space ambiguous, that course, yet I think she might have joined the dark side. Ns really carry out think she and Robert would be a formidable team. Friend could additionally maybe presume the Robert knew about and also pulled Willow into it method before. I think it to be an ending that no one would suppose — they probably assumed who would gain shot, or probably someone would get captured in the crossfire and die, so for it to end with her just saying ‘I do’ was an extremely epic. I’m for this reason excited to watch the audience’s reaction.”

JASPER & ELEANOR’S PRE-ENGAGEMENT | Not only is Moseley thrilled around a potential Jasper-Eleanor wedding, however as that points out, “I don’t think Jasper has numerous friends, so I would certainly hope that he would pick Liam to it is in his ideal man. They have actually a good bond. They’re virtually brothers in a way. They show true loyalty to every other, and also they both want the various other to be happy. There’s in reality a really nice relationship between the three of lock — Liam, Jasper and Eleanor — and I only see it obtaining stronger if the present goes forward.”

VIOLET’S RETURN | “I think she’s a welcome enhancement to the imperial family, due to the fact that she’s kind and loving and also brings a fresh energy — type of in the way that Kathryn does,” Moseley says. “And I execute think Cyrus could change, yet he’s the comic, scandalous edge come our show and I don’t really check out him ever ending up being straight-laced. Various other than Liam, i think he’s my favorite character. He’s wild and also audacious and he refuses come apologize because that being himself. Ns think there’s room for the loving Cyrus and an are for the scandalous Cyrus.”

KATHRYN’S PREGNANCY | “That was something that remained in the air since the finish of the third season,” Moseley reminds us. “There was a little note on the board in her apartment that left the audience to think maybe she could be pregnant. And also then we discover out the she is, yet the concern is: Whose infant is it? If it’s Liam’s child, the creates troubles for Robert, and also if it’s Robert’s child, that creates large friction in between the brothers — and also she’d be transporting the king’s child, which would certainly be a huge deal. What would certainly that mean for her? and also what would that typical for Willow and Robert? There space a most questions.”

KATHRYN’S KIDNAPPING | “Kathryn’s always been a linchpin between the 2 brothers,” Moseley says. “Robert may be still has an affection for she — a lust for her, as opposed to actually seeing a future v her — so ns think Robert would easily shot to take Kathryn far from Liam. That sees her as a toy, as his come play with.

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And also that renders it very difficult for Liam, because he doesn’t check out Kathryn that way at all. She’s someone he loves and also cares about, and also he sees a future through her.”

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