it looks like Teddi Jo Mellencamp is beginning to have a entirety lot in typical with the other women. 

The reason?

They all seem to dislike Dorit. 

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When The genuine Housewives the Beverly Hills Season 8 illustration 5 acquired underway, Dorit was talking about bringing her failed swimwear line back to the masses. 

She seemed really excited about it, yet this likewise came at the expense of a day for drinks v Teddi. Teddi was mad and also aired she thoughts around it come Kyle Richards. 

However, Dorit had already filled Kyle in about what happened, and also it made Teddi look no hope to reason some drama. 


After that, Kyle met up through Dorit and Kyle evidenced she was ready to market two much more TV shows. 

“I’m going come cheer friend on choose your own mother would,” Dorit said with a smile. 

Kyle burst into tears as soon as she heard that and started going into detail about the reality that she family and her were no on the best terms. 

Teddi continued to bash Dorit when she met up with Kyle and Camille Grammer. Camille was just too happy to continue the bashing the Dorit because of what she dubbed her. 

"Six minute late? was she drinking then too?” come the camera, Camille dubbed Dorit a “bottomless pit of bulls—t.”


Dorit to be still mad since she want to make a great impression ~ above her brand-new boyfriend, and rightfully so. Camille admitted she was "embarrassed" and "humiliated" as soon as Dorit said the word. 

“I do think she has tendency to talk as well much and drink as well much,” Camille said prior to concluding that Dorit to be “desperate because that attention.”

While the great debate to be going down, Lisa Vanderpump admitted to Dorit that perhaps she to be the one in the wrong and should very own her s--t. 

“Sometimes human being don’t have the same sense of humor as you,” Vanderpump said with a smile. 


The huge shocker come close the episode was Lisa Rinna informing Camille, Teddi, and Kyle that Ken Todd to be accused of claimed assault. 

That was rather the twist, and also the women did no seem to think it, yet it seems prefer we"ll be obtaining some an ext details on the matter next week. 

What will Lisa Vanderpump have to say around Lisa Rinna informing the women around it? 

Will she oust Rinna from the team once again, or will she close up door the rumors down?

Hit the comments below. 

The real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday nights on Bravo. 


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