Season 17, Episode 1 Grilling to Go

There"s a big calf working on the ranch, so Ree Drummond"s grilling up a well-deserved tailgate lunch. On the menu are Smoky Salt and Pepper Drumsticks, flame-grilled Cheesy Steakburgers, Grilled Taters with onions and garlic, spicy Street Corn and, wrapping things up, Blueberry Hand Pies.

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Season 17, Episode 2 Pizza Ree-Boot

It"s a ranch-style pizza revolution with four fabulous new ideas. She"s cooking Mini Cauliflower Pizzas for lunch with her daughter, then there"s a meal kit for a mash-up of two favorites in an awesome Herbed Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza. Marsala Mushroom and Goat Cheese Flatbreads make a stunning shortcut meal for her sister-in-law, and finally the kids help with super fashionable Watermelon Pizza that takes sweet pizza to a whole new level.

Season 17, Episode 3 Care Package 101

Ree Drummond"s sharing the fundamentals of care packages and putting one together for her college kid, Alex, along the way. She"s packing up an utterly delicious Lemon and Raspberry Pound Cake, wrapping up Snickerdoodles in the best DIY way, including something healthy with Brown Butter Granola Clusters, stuffing in Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups that always travel well and throwing in custom-made Hot Chocolate Mixes. It"s a care package journey with lots of fun ideas for that special someone.

Season 17, Episode 4 Hay There!

The family is hauling hay in high summer, so Ree Drummond"s taking them cool refreshing Strawberry Cherry Lemon Limeade and awesome Orange Bars. Then, she"s got a great make-ahead dinner on the go with Slow Cooker Lasagna and Missy"s Marinated Tomatoes, ready to eat when the family"s done stacking hay.

Season 17, Episode 5 Nothing but the Best

Ree Drummond has a line-up of the best bits of food, starting with an awesome Stuffed Pizza Crust with Arrabiata Sauce. Then, there"s divine Orange Blueberry Muffin Tops and a double layer of the good stuff in A Little Fruit With My Crisp. Finally, Ree whips up a culinary revelation, Crispy Chicken Skins, and an incredible CLT Salad with Simple Ranch Dressing.

Season 17, Episode 6 Sunday at Chuck and Nan"s

The whole family is gathering for Sunday lunch at Ree Drummond"s in-laws in town. Ladd"s Dad is grilling his famous Chicken a la Chuck while the family"s at church, and Ree"s bringing some incredible portable dishes: Deviled Bacon and Eggs, a big pot of Pork Lovers" Baked Beans and a country-style Peach Slab Pie, perfect for feeding a crowd.

Season 17, Episode 7 Thanksgiving Shortcuts

Ree Drummond is sneaking a few store-bought shortcuts into her make-ahead Thanksgiving feast. First up is her epic Make Ahead Thanksgiving Turkey, which is cooked and portioned out in advance. She makes Delicious Doctored Up Dressing and Gussied Up Gravy to go alongside it. A freezer treasure becomes a stunning seasonal side dish, Roasted Sprouts and Onions, and Spiked Cranberry Sauce and Herby Butter Dinner Rolls round out the meal. For a showstopping dessert, Ree transforms a store-bought pie into her Chocolate Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie.

Season 17, Episode 8 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Freezer!

Ree Drummond"s stocking up the freezer with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. To start the day, there are outrageous Crunchy French Toast Sticks, a Drummond kid favorite. Next, she makes Tex Mex Butternut Squash Soup for ranch ladies that lunch. For dinner, it"s casserole royalty, King Ranch Chicken -- a make-ahead marvel. Then, quick and easy Confetti Cups are the fourth and final frozen gem.

Season 17, Episode 9 Things to Bring

Ree Drummond is sharing four festive potluck party ideas for the Christmas cocktail party season. She whips up crowd-pleasing Cheery Cheesecake Santa Hats to take to a family bash and assembles a Bruschetta Bar To Go that"s an awesome appetizer for a church get-together. Next, Ree puts the hot in hors d"oeuvres with Mediterranean Artichoke Dip and Mini Bagel Chips for a friend"s party. She wraps up her "Things to Bring" list with adorable Vanilla Chocolate Chip Mini Scones for a hostess breakfast basket.

Season 17, Episode 10 Cowboy Drive-Through

The Drummond drive-through is open for business, and Ree Drummond is serving up the most sensational packed lunch known to cowboys. She starts with rib-sticking Ranch Hand Sandwiches Filled with Pop Pulled Pork and a bunch of tasty fixins, and a side of homemade Spicy Sweet Potato Chips are totally cowboy-approved. Ree rounds out her tasty take-out with a cup of refreshing Cowboy Fruit Salad with a subtle chili kick and triple-chocolate Cow Pies.

Season 17, Episode 11 Brunch is in the Fridge!

Ree Drummond is hosting brunch, and she"s making things easy with a make-ahead party spread that"s ready and in the fridge! First, she pulls together all the ingredients for an interactive and customized Bloody Mary Bar. Then, she knocks out a marvelous make-ahead dinner mashup of everyone"s brunch favorites in her Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole. Ree whips up a fresh Citrus Salad with champagne vinegar dressing and pours Tropical Bellinis for the finishing touch on a stunning brunch with friends.

Season 17, Episode 12 Happy Birthday to Me

It"s Ree Drummond"s birthday, and she"s celebrating by making over some of her all-time favorite recipes and road-testing them for social media. She starts with Mini Turkey Meatloaves, a thoroughly modern take on a comfort food classic. Her Cauliflower "Mac" and Cheese is a tasty remix with less of the mac and all of the cheesy goodness, and her Baked Chili-Garlic Fries with Light Fry Sauce are another light variation. Every birthday deserves a cake, so Ree revamps her go-to recipe and makes a Flourless Chocolate Cake that"s worth celebrating.

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Season 17, Episode 13 Shipping and Shopping

Ree Drummond is shopping and sharing recipes for ground beef while the guys on the ranch ship cattle. First, she puts together her Slow Cooker Bolognese, a freezer favorite that"s perfect over pasta or layered in her Polenta Lasagna. Then she works on fast Southwest Beef Lettuce Wraps and shortcut Rye Bread Party Pizzas.


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