The Collection: Amazon’s duration Drama series Debuts in February

by Jessica Pena, January 17, 2017


“Women desire to feeling pampered and beautiful again.” Amazon has released a brand-new preview for their upcoming series The Collection, which debuts in February .

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From Oliver Goldstick, the duration drama is set in a post-WWII Parisian fashion house. The actors includes Richard Coyle, Tom Riley, Frances de la Tour, Mamie Gummer, and Jenna Thiam.

The Collection premieres on February 10th.

From Amazon:

On Friday, February 10, Amazon’s original duration drama series, The Collection, will certainly premiere all 7 episodes specifically on Amazon Prime video clip in the US.

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Already exit to prime members in the UK, the Amazon original Series, indigenous award-winning writer and creator Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Pretty tiny Liars), is a gripping family members saga whereby scandal and betrayal afflict the Sabine family’s relentless search of success. Collection in a post-war Parisian fashion house, the Sabines have been tasked with restoring the city’s dominance as the haute couture capital. The collection explores the grit behind the glamour that a rising company run by two clashing brothers. Paul, played by Richard Coyle (Coupling, Crossbones), is the face and the service sense if Claude, played by Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons), is the creative genius. They’re nothing without every other however their rivalry, deception and also the hateful bargains they make to endure the Nazi occupation could threaten to topple this “first family” of fashion’s realm at any moment. The season explores the continuous question, will certainly their tenuous relationship and also the ghosts of your past destroy their meteoric success?

The Collection additionally stars Frances de la tour (Hugo, take care of Potter and the Goblet the Fire), Mamie Gummer (Ricki and the Flash, The an excellent Wife) and also Jenna Thiam (The Returned). Joining Goldstick is world-renowned creative team consisting of Emmy Award-winning director Dearbhla Walsh (Penny Dreadful, The Tudors), BAFTA award-winning producer Selwyn Roberts (Parade’s End, to win Back), executive Producers ann Thomopoulos (Rome, Borgia) and also Kate Croft (Murderland), production designer Alison Dominitz (Casanova, Hotel Splendide), costume developers Chattoune & Fab (Dheepan, chocolate Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) and casting manager Rachel Freck (The Go-Between, Life in Squares).

Amazon Studios obtained North American civil liberties to The arsenal from Lookout Point, who created the series with Artis photos Production and co-produced through Federation entertainment MFP v the authorized of France Televisions because that BBC global Ltd.”

What carry out you think? Do you subscribe to Amazon Prime? will you watch The Collection?