The hero is autistic, a wizard at math, an expert at martial arts and also an ultra-skilled sniper who is top a dual life. But all this is not sufficient to do ‘The Accountant’ a movie worth seeing.

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For rather a while, invoice Dubuque’s manuscript for “The Accountant” was among those initial scripts the float about Hollywood, bouncing from one producer to another and one studio come another, yet stand little chance of gift made into a film because there is something as well unusual or eccentric or bold around them. “The Accountant” was eventually spared being put on this “blacklist” and was made into a movie – and also that’s too bad.

I don’t understand at what phase Ben Affleck became connected in the project, but I’m sure he found the film’s hero appealing, having actually started out as an actor who embodied the continuous American guy and became one that plays superheroes with distinct powers. (More than anyone else who has played Batman, Affleck is now the actor many closely associated with the character, and also will likewise direct the next film about him.) The hero of “The Accountant,” directed by Gavin O’Connor, may not paris or rise buildings, but he has been endowed v all kinds of traits and skills, and also all it would certainly take is one little special strength for a new superhero come materialize before our astonished eyes. But without together an addition, or perhaps due to the fact that of that is absence, the duty played through Affleck is such a ludicrous creation that the alone would be enough to tank the movie – and also that’s before I’ve also touched top top the plot the surrounds this character.

Affleck dram Christian Wolff (not his genuine name, just one that the aliases he employs for his miscellaneous shady endeavors). Christian is a high-functioning autistic – thus the movie describes him – a wizard in ~ math, a wizard in ~ martial arts and also an ultra-skilled sniper who never misses his target. That serves as the accountant come crime families and also drug dealers about the world. Yet the movie doesn’t display Christian’s ties with these folks. As a cover because that his illegal activity, he likewise works together a legitimate accountant in one office located in a blighted metropolitan area.

The movie makes an effort to portray Christian as having actually the duality the the standard superhero characters, but it no work, since he doesn’t come v a establishing myth choose Batman or Superman. In spite of the dark side of his activity, he’s also a great guy. (We understand this because, in ~ the begin of the film, he helps the end an elderly couple in gaue won trouble.) he did no witness his parents’ murder, together did Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), but his mommy walked out and left him and also his brother with their tyrannical father, that turned them into fighting devices – v the aid of a martial art teacher, who obeys the father’s instructions to have actually no mercy on the two boys in order come toughen castle up.

As component of his legitimate work, Christian is rental by Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow), director of a agency called life Robotics, to uncover out whereby $70 million the the that company money has disappeared to. A small accountant in the company named Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick, who tries a little too hard to inject a fall of humanity and charm right into this sloppy mess of a film) is assigned to help Christian. He, of course, doesn’t require her, and solves the an enig in just one night.

At this point, the thriller element of the movie’s plot it s okay underway, but it requires a rather masochistic curiosity on the component of the viewer to try to monitor it. I’ll simply tell you the Dana becomes a target for some negative guys who space led through a bigger bad guy dubbed Brax (Jon Bernthal), and also that Christian’s do the efforts to safeguard her enable him to present off his lethal abilities. Real-life accountants will most likely be the just ones to reap the film’s portrayal of one of their very own as an action hero, also if the narrative basis depicts this transformation as a consequence of his autism and also twisted upbringing. At its many repulsive, the movie likewise has pretensions that teaching united state something about autism and also empathy because that the other.

And if all this weren’t enough to doom the film, Dubuque and also O’Connor include a subplot. It requires Raymond King (a entirely wasted J. K. Simmons), a Treasury room researcher that is blackmailing a young analyst, Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), to aid him i found it the identification of a mysterious accountant who has been photographed in the company of criminals. Not only is this story underdeveloped, it also doesn’t execute anything to advance the plot. Yet we’re not done yet. It transforms out that Christian was once in prison, wherein he became friendly through an accountant named Francis Silverberg (Jeffrey Tambor) that taught him every the crafty tricks of the trade, and Christian is quiet in call with him. This subject is not arisen either (is Francis an alleged to be a substitute father number for Christian?) and also adds nothing. And there’s also a surprise finishing that’s an alleged to pull everything together. Yet it, too, feeling forced and unbelievable.

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In the midst of every this mess, Ben Affleck stalks about with a single expression on his face throughout the movie (once or twice, a hints of a smile is visible, and also this is more exciting than any of the fight scenes). All in all, “The Accountant” is a highly cringe-worthy affair. It seems emblematic the a details kind the Hollywood filmmaking whose guiding ide is dubious native the start, and also the way in i m sorry this ide was brought to the screen let the get fully out that control. Every those who decreased to produce it over the years to be right. And those who assumed it had actually a opportunity were sorely mistaken.

The Accountant command by Gavin O’Connor; composed by bill Dubuque; through Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, man Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Jean Smart