Previously ~ above The 100, Clarke discovers that the Mt. Weather corridor is harvest blood native the Grounders (ew!), Lincoln it s okay kidnapped through Reapers, and Abby frees Bellamy, who takes Finn and also Malfoy on an exploration to discover Clarke.

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After three episodes, I'm gaining the feeling that who at the CW was like, "Guys, we need to turn The 100 up to The Eleven." and I would favor to uncover that person and also give them a walloping high five, due to the fact that YES PLEASE and THANK YOU. Everything this season is five times much more intense and more disgusting and much more just straight up WTF. It's balls come the wall surface shock and awe (well, as lot as friend can obtain away v on network TV), and also I'm digging it.

Okay, so here's what occurred this week:

At Mt. Weather:

- Clarke frees Anya from the creepy blood factory, in spite of the truth that physician Lady appears hell bending on starring in her very own '80s metal video by walking among the cages and also letting prisoners try to grope her. Honestly, wherein was White line in all this? The duo makes it to some type of containment elevator, which then drops them through a catch door and also down a slide till they floor on... Lots OF DEAD BODIES. What, Mt. Weather wouldn't feather for a ball pit? while the corpse situation is a bummer, the good news is the the gals room free! castle head down a tunnel till they encounter Reapers, therefore they jump right into a mine cart to hide, only to be when again extended IN DEAD BODIES. Damn, show, friend really are racing because that pinks. A reaper pushes the dare up the tracks until it come at some sort of bonfire party (what, no north circle?) and Clarke and Anya do their 2nd escape the the night. But this ain't no Thelma and Louise, and also Anya decides come split, leaving Clarke to fend for herself when the Reapers present up again. Right prior to she it s okay dismembered, guys in hazmat suits arrive and also drive far the Grounders using a high frequency sound, kinda choose dogs and that electric fence thing? It's a false rescue, however, since they revolve around and march her in the direction of the Harvest Chamber, i m sorry cannot be good. Lucky for Clarke, Anya mirrors up and also attacks, climate she and also Clarke run in the direction of the end of tunnel, which is basically a high, high, high dive right into a waterfall. Castle both make favor Harrison Ford and jump!


After they to wash up on shore without any kind of broken bones, Anya celebrate by smashing a rock against Clarke's head and also saying, "You killed 300 of mine warriors. Ns can't show confront without a prize." So, ns guess she's still kinda pissed?

- Maya takes Jasper top top a hot day through Hangar 51 some kind of save on computer to display him part paintings, and also they almost kiss! I'm not certain who acquired hit over the head harder-- Clarke through Anya, or united state by this show trying to be every ROMANCE! ns mean, don't get me wrong, i love Jasper, yet where's the chemistry? Monty, not distracted by girls, notices Clarke's absence, and eventually even Jasper starts to worry. He decides they have the right to trust Maya enough to ask about Clarke's whereabouts, but when Maya speak them the Clarke is in the psych ward, I need to wonder, is she lying? Or being lied to?

At Camp Jaha:

- Kane realizes the Abby let out the prisoners, and also Mayor Byrne (I really desire to order that significant Burn, so i will!) insists that she requirements to be punished as an example for the remainder of the camp. After ~ a team returns with a Grounder prisoner (did anyone else think because that a second that they had actually Lincoln? ns know, i know, not all Grounders watch the same) and one the the guards accidentally shoots someone rather (please tell me the CW is pushing gun control), Kane gets nervous around the chaos and also sentences Abby to ten lashes. Say WHAT. That's cold, Kane. However after Abby endures she punishment, Kane reflects up and sort the apologizes? since he's realized that there needs to be a much better way. Uh, couldn't you have figured this the end before Abby gained her ago sliced open? Well, whatever, he desires to lead a rescue mission and negotiate for peace with the Grounders, so he hands end his Chancellor pin to Abby. Finally, a mrs in charge! (If only this might happen in real life.)

In the wild:

- Finn, Bellam, Malfoy and the 2 blonde children discover a Grounder camp, whereby they point out a one-eyed dude sporting Clarke's watch roughly his neck. They take him under (surprisingly easily?) and also then shot to beat the fact out of him in an underground bunker. Finn, in a surprised twist, is the many violent, and also he ultimately gets one answer around the location of the lacking kids... Which ns think might be a lie? he draws castle a map, and also then the gang argues about whether or not to death him. Malfoy is, the course, pushing for him come die, if Bellamy is acquiring his Gandhi on. Yet Finn end the debate by shooting THE GROUNDER IN THE HEAD WHAT. My, exactly how the tables have turned!

- Octavia ideologies Indra through an sell to assist find Lincoln, but Madam President sends out her goons after her. It seems weird that Octavia have the right to run faster than the human being native to the land until we realize that it's all a ruse, and Indra desires to usage Octavia as bait to attract out the Reapers. It works, and also after a bloody skirmish (in i beg your pardon Octavia kicks some major ass with a sword), they cost-free the Grounder prisoners... Nobody of whom room Lincoln. Octavia is climate left with nothing to do however SCREAM!!!!! ns don't know if it's she vocal chords or her fighting skills, yet the Grounders decide the she has proven herself, and also she is now embraced into the tribe.

- The episode ends with physician Lady walking under a heat of Grounder prisoners and declaring even if it is or no they space fit because that harvest. Climate she reaches a human being that offers her pause... LINCOLN! ~ a closer look, she says, "Mark this one for the Cerberus Program." I deserve to only i think this means some kind of modeling school, due to the fact that THOSE ABS.

Mt. Weather 101:

- these assholes harvest Grounder blood for this reason they can heal more quickly and also (I presume) construct an immune to the sun's rays.

- They have something dubbed the Cerberus Program. It's most likely not a modeling school.

Death Toll: 0

- I'm just counting kids from The 100 here, and also I don't think any of them died in this episode. Us did lose quite a couple of Reapers, but... Great?

Say What:

Maya (looking at a painting): Beautiful, isn't it?

Jasper (looking in ~ Maya): Yeah, that is.


Octavia: ns am not afraid.

Indra: You will certainly be.

Hey writers, how around we shot not recycling cliched lines from action movies?

Burning Questions:

- What's up with Jasper and also Monty's shirts? They're like button up Hypercolor.

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- once will everyone stop having gross stuff on their faces? The hotness factor of this display is yes, really hurting best now, y'all.