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Charlie the Skye Terrier is the ideal in show winner in ~ the 2015 nationwide Dog Show. (Twitter/StartingGateMkt)

The nationwide Dog present is one of Thanksgiving’s biggest traditions.

But when viewers space typically concerned with seeing every the different breeds of dogs, it’s basic to forget this is also a competition. Numerous owners and also trainers gathered at the Kennel society of Philadelphia for one reason: best in Show.

The each other of dogs are separation into 7 groups: Terrier Group, Toy Group, functioning Group, Sporting Group, Hound Group, Non-Sporting Group and Herding Group. A winner native each team was, and of those seven dogs, Charlie the Skye Terrier to be named finest in Show.

Here’s a look at the finish results:

Best In Show

Congrats on win this year’s #NationalDogShow, Charlie! ?

— NBC (
nbc) November 26, 2015

Winner: Skye Terrier (Charlie)

Hound Group

Chelsea was in it to success it the totality time. #nationaldogshow #DrunkInShow #Hound

— BarkPost (
BarkPost) November 26, 2015

Winner: Scottish Deerhound

Second in Group: American Foxhound

Third in Group: Whippet

Fourth in Group: Bloodhound

Herding Group

The winner that the Herding group is the mustache Collie! #nationaldogshow

— national Dog present (
TheNatlDogShow) November 26, 2015

Winner: bearded Collie

Second in Group: Australian Shepherd

Third in Group: Briard

Fourth in Group:

Working Group

First in team for the Working group is the Newfoundland! #nationaldogshow

— nationwide Dog show (
TheNatlDogShow) November 26, 2015

Winner: Newfoundland

Second in Group: Samoyed

Third in Group: Doberman Pinscher

Fourth in Group: Bullmastiff

Terrier Group

Look in ~ those ears!!! #NationalDogShow #SkyeTerrier

— Amanda Brown (
amanda982) November 26, 2015

Winner: Skye Terrier

Second in Group: Scottish Terrier

Third in Group: Smooth Fox Terrier

Fourth in Group: American Staffordshire

Toy Group

When your too pretty to even have your paws touch the ground once you walk. #NationalDogShow #DrunkInShow

— BarkPost (
BarkPost) November 26, 2015

Winner: Smooth cloak Chihuahua

Second in Group: Japanese Chin

Third in Group: Brussels Griffon

Fourth in Group: Yorkshire Terrier

Sporting Group

Winner of the Sporting group is the Cocker Spaniel! #nationaldogshow

— national Dog present (
TheNatlDogShow) November 26, 2015

Winner: Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB)

Second in Group: Gordon Setter

Third in Group: Wirehaired Pointing

Fourth in Group: Curly-Coated Retriever

Non-Sporting Group

Your Non-Sporting team winner is the French Bulldog! #nationaldogshow

— nationwide Dog display (
TheNatlDogShow) November 26, 2015

Winner: French Bulldog

Second in Group: Coton de Tulear

Third in Group: Keeshonden

Fourth in Group: Lhasa Apso

PublishedNov 26, 2015 in ~ 11:30am
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Find the end the winners from each group and also the ideal in show from the Purina nationwide Dog Show, one of Thanksgiving\"s best traditions.