* Mattress Size: --- Please select --- Twin long (+$3,799) King (+$4,999) break-up King (+$6,598) separation California King (+$6,598) California King (+$4,999) Queen (+$4,299)
A firmer feeling in our many conforming bed through cooling comfort. Perfect for hot sleepers who desire a certain mattress the helps them feel cooler, TEMPUR-Contour™ upstream Breeze adapts gently to your body for additional pressure and heat relief.

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Cooling Cover - Performance fabric cover that’s lightweight, breathable and also infused v innovative cooling an innovation to assist create a cooler resting surface.
Innovation sets Tempur-Pedic apart. By creating a proprietary product that is no the typical memory foam, Tempur-Pedic in reality responds to your body’s temperature, weight, and shape for personalized comfort and support to gain a restful sleep.

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Welcome to Sheffield Furniture & Interiors "One of the largest Stickley Furniture certified dealer in the World".

Sheffield provides so much an ext than the average furniture store. Yes, we carry the top name brand furniture present such as Stickley, Henredon, Baker Furniture, and also Hickory Chair. Us even carry world famed designer collection from Christopher Guy, Suzanne Kasler, Mariette Himes Gomez, thomas Pheasant, Alexa Hampton, cutting board O'Brien, Ralph Lauren, and also Barbara Barry. Yes, we space one of the largest dealer that Stickley well furniture and also hand made eastern rugs in the world, and also yes, we have been called the "Most Beautiful Showroom" in the Tri-State area. But, none of the above is what makes Sheffield different... We room different since of our great service and our diverse teams of experienced interior designers and also interior design consultants.

For much more than 60 years, Sheffield has been offering wonderful service and also products to our client from homes on Philadelphia's main Line come the Jersey & Delaware Shores, native the peaks that the Rockies come the sands the the Turks in Caicos, even to as much as Europe and South Africa. We have additionally opened two brand-new furniture shop in the DC metro area. You can now shop Sheffield Furniture in Rockville, MD, and Sheffield Furniture in Dulles, VA.

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Our talented interior style teams that have allowed us come uphold our lengthy standing reputation together "The finest of the key Line". Our style team's key objective and purpose is come assist all of our clients in attaining your "Dream Home". We identify that every individual has actually a different dream that the perfect home. The is why each Sheffield internal designer is trained come work really closely v a client. They will invest time discovering their needs, wants, and dreams. The is just with this info that castle can finest guide a client in make selections that will be the very best choice for their particular desires.

Our interior designers likewise assist our clients with custom window treatments, tradition bed linens, wood blinds, wallpaper and paint selections, too as, carpeting and also Oriental rug selections. Lock will even go to the home and place lighting and also accessories ~ the furniture has actually been delivered. To learn much more about the services of our inner designers, please visit our design Studio.

We welcome friend to explore our site... It provides you a glimpse of that we are and what we deserve to offer you. You might wish to take a showroom tourism of our flagship keep in Malvern if you are here... But, we encourage friend to endure Sheffield Furniture & Interiors for yourself. It is just by a personal visit the you can completely appreciate the substantial selections that furniture and home accessories us offer. A personal visit will also give you a possibility to see one of our style teams in action. If you choose to set up a private appointment, please call one of ours showroom managers.

Please visit among our 3 areas soon - Rockville, MD, Dulles, VA, and in Malvern, PA