About the song: Tell Me What Is your Name Lyrics is written and also sung by T-Pain ft. Akon. The location of the song is Bartender.

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Tell Me What Is her Name Lyrics


Broke up with my girl critical night for this reason I visited the society (so I went to the club)Put top top a new white suit and also a MiniCoop sit on dubs (sitting on dubs)I’m just looking for somebody to speak to and also show me part love (show me some love)If you recognize what i mean… Uh-Huh…Everybody’s jockin’ me as quickly as ns stepped in the point out (I stepped in the spot)200 b^^ches in the bed and man ain’t none of them warm (ain’t none hot)‘Cept because that this nice young point that to be workin’ every the way at the top (all the way at the top)Shawty what is her name?

Ooh she made us drinks, to drinkWe drunk ’em, obtained drunkAnd then i think she thinks i’m coolShe offered me a wink, i winked backAnd then i think that, we hit it turn off something appropriate like…

I choose the bartender(Ooh if you’re lookin’ for me)I’m in ~ the bar v her(Uh-huh, OK)I favor the bartender(Yeah if you’re lookin’ for me)I’m at the bar through her(Oh uh-huh, OK)

Got a brand new girl for this reason I’m feeling all good inside (all great inside)Feel prefer I placed some brand brand-new 24’s ~ above a brand brand-new ride (on a brand new ride)Triple shooting of patron ~ above the rocks with small bit a lime (with a small bit a lime)I’m just keeping it genuine (Uh-huh)Baby still working at the society so I’m obtaining in cost-free (so I’m acquiring in free)Wednesday night i’m on the list T-Pain to add 3 (T-Pain add to 3)Every time i hit the spot baby girl taking treatment of me (taking care of me)How execute you think i feel?

Ooh she made us drinks, come drinkWe drunk ’em, obtained drunkAnd now I know she thinks i’m coolShe gave me a wink, ns winked backAnd then ns think that, we gonna have fun in this bar tonight

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Shorty I’m sure you heard that i rarely ever before come out (ever come out)Unless i’m in the M6 doing tricks freeway burnt out (freeway charred out)Got a passenger side that’s north wanting it come be your spot (be your spot)But friend on mine billboard we can act prefer the charts gonna end up on optimal (end up on top)Don’t smoke don’t drink it is why ns don’t it is in by the bar infant (baby)Just lookin’ at you from a distance looking prefer a God cursed star infant (baby)So my girl don’t see me T-Pain can I obtain those keys to the car? (those tricks to the car?)‘Bout come go and also Bang Bang Boogie with my cutie and also I’ll view you tomar’ (see friend tomar’)

Oh she made united state drinks, to drinkWe drunk ’em, acquired drunkAnd currently I understand she thinks i’m coolShe provided me a wink, ns winked ago (Uh-huh)And then ns think that, (Uh-huh) us ‘gonna have fun in ~ my point out tonight… (Oh yes)


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