In a brand-new commercial because that Taylor Swift now — the curated video clip catalog obtainable to at&t customers with the company’s DirectTV now streaming company — Swift has actually cameras monitor a fictitious day in her life, which consists of a run-in with Samberg in the halls of she recording studio complex.

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Facing turn off after bumping into one another, each ask the other to apologize, with Swift ultimately calling the previous Saturday Night Live star, “Andy Sam-jerk.”

A stare-down, thumb-war and caricature artist competition ensues before the 2 launch right into an “unbelievable choreographed hit sequence” that ends in Samberg being kicked with a wall surface by the “Look What girlfriend Made Me Do” singer. Ouch!



Of course, that’s no the only thing Swift does in the commercial. The clip, released Thursday, additionally shows the singer playing through her cat Olivia, scrolling the net on she phone, eating raw cookie dough and also picking food turn off her sweater — all while prepping to record her brand-new song.

Swift mutual behind-the-scenes previews of the video on Instagram too, writing, “Such a count day when they’re favor ‘eat part cookie dough’ and also you’re like, ‘Okay I’ll do this sacrifice because that my art.’ ”

The advertisement is simply one of plenty of high file tie-ins Swift has actually pegged come her brand-new album, Reputation, out Nov. 10.

ABC showed up to it is in first, dropping a promo special “Look What you Made Me Do” in august for their TGIT Shondaland mirrors with female leads Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey), Kerry Washington (Scandal‘s Olivia Pope) and also Viola Davis (How to acquire Away through Murder‘s Annalise Keating) rocking the end to the track.

taylorswift13. It’s happening. It’s all happening… ” Shonda Rhimes tweeted. “#LookWhatYouMadeMeDo.”

The network additionally revealed the first-look the Swift’s video for “Look What friend Made Me Do” top top Good Morning America ahead of the video’s main premiere in ~ the MTV video Music Awards.



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Days later, UPS announced they to be partnering through Swift as the “official shipment partner” for Reputation — launching “tailor-made” experiences because that fans, choose special UPS trucks with Swift’s album covering on the side to run in Nashville, Atlanta, and new York City ahead of a nationwide role out.

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That news came with a mysterious video clip that proved Swift — who adopted her darker side in the revenge-themed clap-back song — composing a note and also packing a white gift box into a UPS shipment, just before making eyes directly at the camera.

Swifties could likewise pre-order she album indigenous to get in to success “a cool prize flyaway package v premium ticket to a Taylor Swift concert, airfare, hotel, dinner and also a makeover experience. Extr contest prizes incorporate concert tickets, an autographed item of memorabilia from the set of Taylor Swift’s brand-new music video, and also merchandise.”

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