Tatiana Maslany has actually revealed the guest certification in Parks and Recreation to be "the scariest thing" the she has ever before done.

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The actress appeared in 2 episodes the the NBC comedy programme critical season as Tom Haverford"s (Aziz Ansari) love attention Dr Nadia Stasky.


Parks and also Recreation "fairly likely" to finish after season 7

Maslany recently told Rolling Stone that the prospect of showing up in Parks and also Recreation was intimidating.

"It to be the scariest point I ever did," she declared.

The star continued: "I revere comedians much more than anyone else. They"re the epitome. And also to be on a show and also meet Amy Poehler, it to be so much fun."

Maslany went on to comment on her own substantial training in comedy through the general Fools Improvisational Theatre.


She contrasted improvisational comedy with her job-related in the science fiction series Orphan Black, saying: "You"re creating personalities in the moment and also you"re do the efforts to do them as fully-formed together possible, which is other I"m concentrating on all the time now simply in a different context.

"There"s additionally something around character development that ns learned indigenous improv - your creativity is yes, really in high-gear and Orphan Black involves a the majority of imagination."

BBC America airs Orphan Black"s 2nd season in the US. The series will be shown on BBC 3 in the UK native Wednesday, April 30 at 10pm.

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