What Kind of Birth Control?

Deciding what kind of birth control to get can be a very confusing and sometimes scary experience. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of misinformation about contraception, and a simple Google search can supply you with plenty of frightening information about unpleasant side effects and reactions. If you're truly unsure of what to do, make an appointment with a doctor or Planned Parenthood clinic!

The visit should be extremely informative and helpful. They will explain to you each type of birth control, how each one works, and discuss what's best for you.

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Reasons people might want birth control (BC):

To avoid pregancyLighter and less painful menstrual cycleLess likely to have mood swingsImproved complexion

There Are Different Kinds of Birth Control

Oral contraceptives, also known as "the pill," may not be right for everyone. The hormones can cause unpleasant side effects, and some women don't remember to take it everyday. I prefer the pill because it has always worked well for me; I've never been pregnant, it helps balance my hormones and improves my skin.

There are other options, including:

The patchThe shotMirena IUD (I generally do not recommend this one. Many women I've spoken to have had complications with migration or gotten pregnant using this form of BC. However it does not have hormones and some women prefer BC without them.)CondomsImplanon/Explanon (implantation under the skin, can be removed at any time)

My Experience With the First Pack of Tarina Fe 1/20

I'll be honest; the first three weeks of adjusting to the pill was unpleasant, and I experienced all the side effects. Keep in mind, everyone is different, and you may not have the same issues I had.

Migraines are common when starting new birth control, and I am no exception. The headaches were worse in the second week, then slowly started to disappear after week three.Irregular bleeding was an extremely annoying side effect that I dealt with up to the end of the second pack. Your doctor will probably tell you that it's fine for you to start taking it right away, and you can. I would recommend waiting until your cycle ends and then start the new pack. I took mine right away and menstruated twice a month for the first and second pack while my body was adjusting to the hormones.Increased appetite and weight gain has been the worst. While the migraines and irregular bleeding have gone way, I struggled to control my appetite and stay between 10-15 pounds over my regular weight.Small bruises on my arms and legs, I also had one little one on my stomach. Several years ago I had taken Orthotricyclin and had the same issue.

But Guess What?

By the end of the third pack, things began to improve!

The 3rd-4th Pack

By the end of pack number three, I was feeling much better. My doctor said that I could skip the placebo and start another pack, so I did. I do not get a monthly cycle, but I do have some light spotting around the time I am due to menstruate. I can definitely say it feels great to not have a period to deal with. There is no cramping or discomfort. The best part? My skin!

The reason I began taking the birth control pill is because I have struggled with cystic acne and very painful cramping. By the end of the third pack, my skin was crystal clear! I rarely break out now, and when I do it's very minimal.

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The downside is that I am still having a hard time getting the weight off. While it is starting to go back into the lower numbers, I am heavier than I would like to be. Water retention is likely when taking the pill, so some of what you gain is just be water weight; don't stress too much over it. Your appetite may increase, and the extra fluid may help to control it.