Taraji P. Henson returns to host her third Fox Christmas special, “Taraji’s White hot Holidays.” — photo by rich Fury/Invision/AP

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With the yuletide season currently in complete effect, Fox gift a full night of vacation programming, start with “Showtime in ~ the Apollo Christmas,” airing Thursday at 8 p.m.

Hosted by Steve Harvey, the celebration will attribute some that the nation’s height musical acts offering renditions of their favorite Christmas songs, consisting of performances through Snoop Dogg & Boyz II Men, 5th Harmony and also DMX. In addition to the popular acts, the hourlong special will showcase the Apollo’s legendary, long-running live “amateur” competition, which offers a platform for up-and-coming artist to do in front of “the toughest audience in the world.”

Immediately following at 9 p.m., gold Globe winner Taraji P. Henson, co-star the the hit Fox drama “Empire” opposite fellow Academy compensation nominee Terrence Howard, returns to organize her yearly Christmas special, “Taraji’s White warm Holidays.”

The dazzling one-hour music and variety special will feature renditions that holiday standards performed through artists consisting of Chaka Khan, Ciara, faith Evans, Fergie, Salt-N-Pepa, Jay Pharoah, DJ Khaled, Mehod Man, Tituss Burgess, Niecy Nash, Ying Yang Twins and Tony/Grammy compensation winner, Leslie Odom Jr. Of “Hamilton” fame, among other surprise guests and performances.

“What i love most about doing the ‘White hot Holiday’ special would be the comedy sketches, since a lot of of people know me as this dramatic actress, therefore it’s a possibility for me come play and have fun,” Henson stated in one interview featured top top the Fox website. “I just prospered up watching range shows, and I felt favor there to be a void top top television. It’s a an excellent time for me to have actually my girlfriend come on and sing a song.”

Highlights the the show include Henson’s “Empire” castmate, Jussie Smollett, add by a full marching band, transporting a high-energy interpretation of “Little Drummer Boy,” and the suave and also sensuous trio of Taye Diggs, Tyrese and also Ne-Yo performing the lighthearted Christmas classic, “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.”

“This year’s show is going to be star-filled!” said Henson. “We have Madea, she going to come and also play, TLC, Pharrell ... The list goes on and also on! I’m just excited, and I feeling so honored that people are coming to play with me!”


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