By Jon Johnson, Founder, Success trading Group

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Dear Trader,

I doubt I’m a lot like you.

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I love trading stocks. I love the speed. Ns love the excitement.

Most that all, ns love the money from banking success after win after win.

And, similar to you, I dislike losing, too. Girlfriend know, the sucker punch to the gut together you see your profits purged down the drain.

In fact, ns hate shedding so much that it’s to be the cornerstone of my trading device for 12 years, which has handed me a near-perfect document of 406 wins out of 408 closed trades.

Frankly, that is this defensive mindset that has not only made me rather rich, yet has made countless of my readers millionaires.

That’s since the just — and also I repeat, just — trades i make room the ones wherein the threats have to be squeezed out and the earnings are locked in.

Our 12-year track record speaks for itself:


We’re talking…

406 winners top top 408 closeup of the door trades26.26% typical gains a year186 wins in a row

I cite none of this come boast, yet only to display you just how my hatred for losing has actually helped me develop one that the most profitable trading advisories on wall Street.

If you agree that my approach is the easiest method to make money trading stocks, I’ll give you 30 work to test my system, along with $1,000 in seed money because that your very first trade.

Welcome to Success trading Group

I’m Jon Johnson, and I don’t know if it was luck or fate that inserted my one-of-a-kind presentation in her inbox today, however I do recognize this: If you monitor my time-proven trade approach, you will protect against the losses and bank more wins.

No various other outcome is possible. I deserve to make that insurance claim because, end the previous 12 years, us have had actually a 99% win ratio — to win 406 wins the end of 408 closed trades.

That’s our mission here: to not only teach our readers how to do money, however make money for them — every by bringing lock a never-ending present of win trades, with an 12-year 99% win proportion that proves our system works. 

The mystery to my success is simple:

I don’t just hate come lose, ns despise it just like legendary soccer coach Vince Lombardi. This is why i squeeze every oz of danger out of every trade prior to we make it. It’s paid off in droves.

This defensive-minded method is the contrary of exactly how most traders strategy trading. That’s due to the fact that the vast majority of traders start their day through the mindset, “How much money can I make today?”

The difficulty is that this leader to not just greedy thinking and also poor decision-making, yet ultimately loss after lose after loss.

If you want to avoid the losses and win much more often, this is where you begin: how you think about trading.

Here at Success trade Group, we start our commerce day through a different mindset: “Which stocks have such an effective earnings and also sales momentum they cannot possibly go down?”

When you do begin your day with that mindset, my friend, friend nail earnings that are simply locked in.

That’s due to the fact that our technique puts a huge cushion of security under trades, make it almost impossible because that them to lose money.

I say, almost impossible, because we have had two losing trades in 12 years. That’s 2 out of 401 trades! it is precisely this near-perfect track record that has actually earned united state the reputation as one of the most rewarding trading advisories on wall surface Street.

I Wish the I invented This Defensive-Minded winning Trading method

But i didn’t. I based that on Warren Buffett’s famous two rule of investing:

Rule No. 1: Never shed money and…Rule No. 2: never ever forget rule No. 1.

That’s why it’s so important to have a trading perspective that rejects shedding as “part of the game.”  

When you refuse the mindset that it’s it s okay to lose, as we do, you will spend more time doing her homework. You will trade carriers that you understand inside and also out. And you will certainly never, ever go into a trade all set to lose.

It was with that mindset that I produced a stock trading device that would give me a 100% unfair benefit for winning. I don’t apologize for it, either. The objective of trading stocks is to make money — not lose it. Again, anyone that accepts losses together a component of the video game shouldn’t it is in trading share or options.

Here in ~ Success commerce Group, us don’t mean to success some of the time or most the the time, we intend to win all of the time. For the previous 12 years, we’ve done just that, banking 406 winners out of 408 trades, through average yearly gains the 26.26%.

For these reasons, if you desire to bank more wins, climate you have to — and also I repeat, you have to — prevent the accident first. Here’s exactly how we carry out it.

How to prevent the casualty Dead Cold

Stop thinking like a work trader and also start thinking prefer a service owner.  If girlfriend don’t, friend will watch your trades as bets in a casino and also not a organization operation design to make you money.That’s just the an initial unfair advantage that we usage to stop the losses and also bank more wins. We think like company owners. Together such, our business is trade stocks because that a life — no gambling on market moves.The reality is, service owners are among the richest groups of world in the world. Lock didn’t obtain that way by playing roulette. They acquired that means by expertise their business, their customers, and their market, and investing and expanding — all with one goal in mind: to do money.Do your damn homework — and also then perform it again and also again and again. In fact, we placed every trade under the microscope prior to we think of placing our money in ~ risk. Our money is too important to leaving to guesswork. It is why us spend plenty of hours researching each trade prior to we traction the trigger.As a result, I’ve to be told the our rating system is 100 time tougher 보다 Moody’s, Dun & Bradstreet, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poor’s, which is why we not only go into each trade v the to trust of a win, but likewise come the end of the trade v profits. This is why our system continues to prove itself, carrying 406 winners ~ above 408 close up door trades, 26.26% mean gains a year, and 186 wins in a row. This too much selectivity has come to be the vortex of our success — proving past a doubt the you have the right to profit over and over and over by just doing your homework and squeezing the hazard out of every profession — no issue what is walk on in the all at once market.Don’t swing for the fences — just acquire on base. This is why many traders lose. They are trying to hit a cool slam ~ above every trade. As a result, lock strike the end over and also over and also over again. Here in ~ Success commerce Group, we never swing for the fences — we just want to acquire on base, learning that our little hits will include up to bigger profits. This is what most traders execute not understand. They think that a collection of 3%, 5%, and 7% wins are not worth the effort. That is where they go wrong. The is since they do not understand the strength of annualized returns. Once you recognize this, friend will never ever again swing because that the fences, yet instead allow your tiny wins heap up like we do.

Here’s how to Bank an ext Wins

Don’t be greedy! I watch it every the time. A businessman goes into a trade hoping because that a residence run. Their stock is up 5% over 2 days, and they are hoping that it will certainly jump one more 50% in 30 days… yet it doesn’t. The trade reverses course, and they take it a loss rather of banking a 5% win in 2 days. If friend remember simply one point from mine presentation today, i hope this is it: nothing be greedy. Take the tiny wins and also let them heap up. As soon as you see just how much money they will certainly make you, girlfriend will never trade any other way.Learn to understand and also love annualized returns. Simply put, annualized returns room gains you would have made on a temporary trade over a year. For example, as soon as you make 1% for one day, that is identical to a 365% annualized return. It is right. Most home-run traders don’t even take into consideration that. Castle look under on small wins as not worth their effort. They are merely not looking at the bigger picture. Because that example, once you look in ~ the 5% victory we made on Sunrun end 10 days, the is the equivalent of a 182.5% annualized return. Here’s the math: 365 days/10 work = 36.5 x 5% = 182.5%That’s right: A 182.5% annualized gain. I nothing know around you, yet I will certainly take a 5% get in 10 work every 10 days! You’d be silly no to.Here’s a rapid look at a few of our wins end the previous 30 days. You’ll see the kind of real, annualized return these little wins heap up. For example, our 4.52% profit in Snap in one day is the tantamount to a 1,649% annualized return. The 5.09% us made in Chewy in one day is indistinguishable to a 1,857% annualized return. And, host on to your hat, the 6.23% us made in Slack someday is tantamount to a 2,273% annualized return.This is why you must discover to love annualized returns, due to the fact that these little wins will make friend much more money than you ever before would have actually imagined. Stop letting her emotions get in the means of making money!Here at Success trade Group, us have uncovered the an enig to to win over and over and also over: Sticking v the system. Know what you room trading, collection your benefit target, traction the cause on both the buy and sell ends, and then permit these little wins pile up. Much more importantly, don’t waver! Stick through the system. If you don’t, and also you allow your are afraid or greed take it the wheel, girlfriend will always see her wins reverse themselves and also continue come bank more losses 보다 wins. Exactly how do you think we have banked 406 the end of 408 winning trades? By letting ours emotions journey our trades? No way! ns didn’t build a win trading mechanism to ignore it, but to follow it. If you follow it, ns guarantee the you will rack increase the wins, too.

That’s Why Our strategy Works!

First, we stop the losses.Second, us scientifically and mathematically select the trades.Third, we don’t let our emotions gain in the method of our profits.

This straightforward approach lets us obtain in and also out the wins quickly and roll up success after victory after win. 

The annualized gains we room racking up room making our members rich. Simply look:


Here’s the best part:

We banked this gains with the same simple buy-and-sell trade instructions you will uncover in mine Investment house Daily and Technical Traders alarm advisories.

The just — and also I repeat, the just — distinction is that you will financial institution these profits in 2 to three weeks, rather of over two to 3 years. 

If you’re ready to spend 10 minute a week following my basic trading instructions, you could add thousands that dollars come your an individual income every month, too.

Of course, I know the only means you will truly believe what i say is to benefit from my trades. 

I’ve come up through a method that makes it easy, convenient, inexpensive, and also risk-free to profit with us for the following 30 days.

I’ll spell out all the details in a moment, in addition to why i’m willing to offer you a $1,000 cash credit transaction for giving us a try. 

But first…

Here’s Why We victory Almost all of the Time

It’s dubbed Profit Hunter: a complex proprietary software mechanism that scans this 11 design variables, searching for those nuggets of intelligence that stop the casualty dead cold while locking-in profits.

They include…

Earnings growthSales growthMarket shareP/E proportion Cash flowOperation marginsEarnings momentumEarnings surprisesReturn top top equity

Without obtaining too technical, Profit Hunter deserve to identify, at lightning speed, just how well a company’s profits are growing and how fast earnings and cash circulation are multiply — searching for the red frenzy the occurs as soon as traders are around to buy with both hands.

All making use of a forward-looking algorithm the can ideal be contrasted to the bolt the lightning ahead of the rolling thunder.

But instead of signaling a storm top top the horizon, it identify not only the stock that is collection to rest to the upside, but additionally the optimum suggest to enter or leave a fast-moving trade.

Again, the an outcome puts a huge cushion of safety under our trades while nailing down earnings that space locked in.

That’s the beauty of Profit Hunter and also why I created it in the very first place: to prevent the losses dead cold and bank much more wins.

And my documented 99% win ratio proves that it works:

406 winners top top 408 closed trades26.26% mean gains a year186 wins in a row.

You don’t need to take mine word.

You be the judge. Test-drive mine scientifically-selected trades for the following 30 days. And climate decide.

Here’s the best part:

You Won’t require a lot of Money to acquire Started…And You’ll financial institution a brand-new Win Every three Weeks

Our share trades median $56 a share, and we space banking a brand-new winner virtually every 40 days. 

A couple of examples:


And these are simply a grasp of the 406 to win trades my system has yielded over the previous 12 years, with a new winner coming practically every 40 days.

When you accept my 30-day cost-free trial, you’ll find…

You’ll trade Less and Profit More, as well

That’s because Profit Hunter software has actually been particularly programmed to look at just those trades because that which the risk has actually been virtually eliminated and the earnings locked in.

How? through sifting through an ext than 3,000 stocks daily, in search of those few-and-far-between winners that are worthy of our money. 

This is why we won’t overwhelm you with numerous trades, due to the fact that only a handful of trades can complement our rigorous criteria. It is why you deserve to count on us to lug you three or four winning trades each month, since those room the just ones for which the risk has been squeezed out and the profits have actually been locked in.

Frankly, this is just how we closed 406 win trades in the past 12 years, piled up a 99% success rate, and made an average annualized benefit per profession of 26.26%.

Plus, Your revenues Are always Guaranteed

You might think i’m sticking my neck out by giving such a solid guarantee. I’m no really. When you have actually a 99% win price over 12 years, there’s no threat on my part. That’s how sure ns am that once you start trading along with us, you’ll never trade any kind of other method again.

That’s why her membership is backed by this unheard-of double guarantee:

30-day 100% money-back guaranteeSecond year free guarantee

I’ve set it up this means so the there’s absolutely no threat for girlfriend to try our trades, and if we don’t provide at the very least 24 winning trades in 12 months, girlfriend will obtain a 2nd year free. 


We understand how difficult you have functioned to save and also invest her money. We know the trades that we send friend aren’t just trades — they are your family’s future. Us take the to trust you place in us seriously. It is why you can invest in to trust in our trades, knowing that you’re fully protected.

For these reasons…

If you’re willing to offer us a shot for the next 30 days, I’ll provide you a $1,000 cash credit toward your very first trade v us .

That way you can profit native my next winning trades before you make your last decision. 

My motive is honest and also sincere:

To leaving behind a legacy of expertise that anyone can prosper rich trading share if they own the right trading strategy.

In a sense, ns feel mandatory to perform this, since the institutions and insiders have created an unfair trading system that puts the separation, personal, instance investor, the small guy favor you and also me, ~ above the shedding sides of trades 99% that the time.

As a result, the info you are gaining from the jae won media and the brokers is design to make them money — not you. This is why so plenty of traders end up ~ above the losing side that a trade, after all the money has actually been made.

They offer you the dream of making numerous thousands of dollars trading stocks and also options, only to snatch your revenues from you.

That may be one overstatement, yet if over there is a factor why the huge investment houses are reporting billions in gains when you may be crying around your losses, it’s because the profits they have actually banked is your money!

Giving you 30 work to profit from my trades, in addition to $1,000 in seed money, is my means of night the odds… and also fulfilling the promise ns made to myself lengthy ago: to aid individual investors reap the exact same kinds of revenues I have.

Limited come Success-Minded individuals Who Sincerely desire to do Money trade Stocks

While us make this risk-free offer open up to anyone who desires to make money trading stocks, enrollment is limited in an unusual way. But no by us.

Since I’ve to be publishing my trades, only a grasp of civilization accept ours 30-days-of-free-trades together with $1,000 in seed money toward their very first trade. 

For some factor that I execute not rather understand, they simply can’t check out the advantage our near-perfect trading device can bring them.

Maybe they don’t think our proven monitor record… or they can’t view the value in preventing the losses an initial and letting the little wins heap up… or they simply don’t have the exact same kind the success attitude that we do.

This is sad, because they have instantly excluded us from the possibility to, once and also for all, protect against the losses and let the wins pile up there is no risking a dime.

I hope the you can see the king-sized opportunity we are offering you here and are open sufficient to provide it a try, since you really do have actually nothing come lose and also everything come gain.

Should You accept My invitation to sign up with Us, you will do it Be In good Company, Too!

Our members encompass everyday american from every walks the life… success-minded folks prefer you who have worked hard all your lives, conserved their money, and are utilizing our trading system to secure their retirement one tiny trade in ~ a time. 

Let me share through you our main point values, therefore you deserve to see whether we’re best for you. 

First, we believe the purpose of commerce is to do money. 

Our No. 1 preeminence is come never shed money. This is why the only trades us will lug you have actually been locked in come profit making use of our time-proven methodology. 

Second, we believe that little wins — multiplied over and also over — are master secrets to financially rewarding trading.

If you feel otherwise, we’re no for you. Our 12-year track record for delivering 406 the end of 408 winning trades proves past a doubt the our system works. 

Third, we believe there’s no substitute for research.

Your future is too essential to leaving to guesswork. As our strategy has proven, the course to trade success is led with research. Our recorded track document proves beyond a doubt there is no better, safer, or more rewarding method because that trading stocks.

If girlfriend share this three simple trading values…

Let Me offer You a $1,000 Cash Credit now So then You have the right to Decide

Again, friend won’t hazard a dime and your earnings are always guaranteed.

In this message, I’ve displayed you just how to protect against the losses and also bank much more wins, given you a feel for the an excellent profits my Profit Hunter system has handed our readers, and what it’s prefer to end up being a member the Success commerce Group.

As our record plainly shows, when you stop the losses, you can nail down profits by piling up tiny wins and also continuing to multiply her profits.

For more than 12 years, i’m proud to say we’ve aided thousands of americans safely and systematically construct their wealth complying with our trades. Most obtained started by just accepting a no-risk trial membership to Success commerce Group, together with a $1,000 cash credit to use toward their very first trade.

On this simple fair-and-square basis, Success trading Group has end up being one of the most lucrative and respect trading advisories on wall surface Street — through a record 406 win trades the end of 408.

The thanks I have received from my readers over the years room truly humbling.

Longtime member Alfonso S. Composed to me personally to give thanks to me because that my “flawless document of effective trades there is no a loss.” 

New member Richard A. Wrote me to rave around his 27 wins. “With sincere enthusiasm, i urge anyone to follow the advice the the Success trading Group.”

Mike P. of Inverness is equally glad that he joined. “I have actually been a Success commerce Group member for around 15 days. Ns made 3 trades: ORCL, CSCO, AOL, v a $15,000 full investment, and made $1,100.00 — that’s a 7.25% return, or over 270% a year.” 

We’re betting you’ll gain the exact same results.

If ns right, we will win you together a leader for life. If i am wrong, you’re completely protected by our dual guarantee. So yes sir no way you can lose.

All at a Price So short It’s impossible for You to Say No — just $2.72 a Day!

That’s no misprint.

My mission here at Success trade Group has been and constantly will it is in to aid regular investors like you profit from the huge swings in trending stocks.

And while mine colleagues have told me the I can easily charge $10,000 a year for my trades provided my monitor record, that would certainly go versus my goal of bringing my reader a never-ending stream of win trades at the lowest feasible cost.

That’s why a year’s subscription to Success Trading team regularly expenses less than $6 a day, at $1,995. It is 1/10 what other advisories fee for results that don’t also come close.

However, together a new member, i’m going to give you a $1,000 cash credit transaction that you have the right to use towards your an initial trade.

So you’ll pay simply $2.72 a day for a year’s worth of trades. That involves just $995 a year, a $1,000 savings turn off the regular yearly price of $1,995.

All of i beg your pardon is 100% refundable during your an initial 30 days. So over there is no means you deserve to lose. 

Here’s what you gain when you join me TODAY:

Complete access to my Profit Hunter trading mechanism that has delivered 406 winning trades out of 408 end the past 12 years.Three to four brand-new trades each month sent directly to girlfriend by email or text. nothing is easier. Ok tell girlfriend what come buy, once to buy, the price come pay, and also when to take profits.Flash advises to close the end trades and also grab new opportunities as they develop. This is my way of keeping you to update on break news.Unlimited 24/7 access to my members-only website that features valuable information about our service, mine buy list, previous issues, and more.Guaranteed profits. us stake our reputation on every profession I make. If girlfriend don’t enjoy 24 wins end the following year, let me know and also we’ll offer you a second year, free of charge.

There’s simply one catch.

You have to say correctly TODAY. The reason is simple.

Success trading Group is for investors who want to grab rapid short-term earnings in trending stocks and are ready to act quickly on our unhedged recommendations.

If you can’t act quickly to accept my 30-day risk-free trial and also $1,000 credit transaction to benefit from our trades, chances are girlfriend won’t make our trades once I send them to you. You won’t gain the kinds of revenues we do. We’d be remiss to accept you together a member.

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However, if you are willing come trade together with us, you will enjoy the benefits that my Profit Hunter share trading system has brought others and also you will never trade any type of other way.